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  1. ^This only exception is side banner
  2. What year was the santa hat and h'masks dropped? Played some months before that i think. Edit: Looked it up, mid 2002 i guess i started playing.
  3. I found the queen to be really easy. I used rune platebody and platelegs, helm of neitz, rock climbing boots, rune defender, glory, rune gloves and korasi's sword. Spec with korasi sword when shes charging her own spec. And kill the defilers as soon as they spawn. I used brew + super restores. It's all about staying alive and keep your archers alive aswell. There is nothing to do about the healers, but there will spawn 1 less each time, so in the end they wont be able to heal her as fast as she is taking damage.
  4. Firelighters are tradeable :mrgreen: Now i dont have to store then in my bank anymore:)
  5. So i've decided to level up my summoning, and my question is how high i can get it with a cashpile of 36m? And would kyatt teleing to piscatoris and then CW tele to bank be my best option? 7332 gold charms 1201 crimson 639 green 439 blue Thanks in advance! /Sloke
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