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  1. You'd just have to use RuneWeb for now, or wait for another site to launch dynamic sigs sometime in the future *low-profile hint* :P
  2. Tip.it rents four dedicated servers (might be more now, was 4 when i left the staff) from http://www.superbhosting.net, they do not colocate if that's what you're asking :) You added a comma to the end of the site, http://www.superbhosting.net would work. (The way you had it gave an error when you clicked on it) And people wouldn't be able to look at the URL and see that for themselves when it didn't load? :P Thanks tho ;)
  3. As much as it would be nice to get some recognition for the work done with a custom rank, or a special avatar, i would also like to bring into the discussion that there's multiple reasons for people to quit the staff, some better than others, and some people with have left the staff on a negative note, but still have contributed heavily to the site itself, and therefore the admins might be a bit unwilling to give the rank to one person, even tho s/he deserves it in the public eye.. I'm not talking about anyone specific, since most of the people who left the staff on a negative note from my time now have renewed and good relationships with most of the admins :) I believe that it would be better for the admins just to allow old staff who wants it to have a custom rank on request (ask them when they quit for example), as a token of gratitude, and it would also seem less official then an avatar... This is just my opinion as an ex-high-profiler here, Poke mentioned Kiara, E and myself, but our names are hard to miss on the mainsite, so we kinda get recognition enough through that, IMO...
  4. Tip.it rents four dedicated servers (might be more now, was 4 when i left the staff) from http://www.superbhosting.net, they do not colocate if that's what you're asking :)
  5. This has been discussed to the worlds end and back again actually... Since daylight saving times are so different in the different parts of the world, it's not included in many online web tools like phpbb. The best thing you can do is to change your timezone ;)
  6. No nessasary speed up the removal of the ads, just the reporting of them :P But i'd have to agree, needless to say, that this would without a doubt be a great addition to pretty much any site out there :)
  7. Yea! Who'd want to do something like that?! :-w
  8. Albosky, why dont you just make all those errors into "There's a problem with the mail server, we are working on it, sorry" to avoid all of these posts -.-?
  9. To be honest i don't even see it as a programmer-time-issue cruiser, the sheer amount of CPU and bandwidth that would be required for something like this, for so little gain, would be ridiculous - It would be a total waste of time to even consider coding/installing it on a forum as large as TIF, unless Albo gets the money to either upgrade the tip.it mail server, or get an additional one, which, again, would be a lot of money for very little gain :(
  10. You have got to be kidding me o.O Tip.It would be so much better of if they just installed an rss feed mod instead if you ask me, sending mass emails like this would be a killer for the servers and the bandwidth :s From my experience on the staff for over 3ÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâý years, i'd say that they'll hardly outsource anything, but rather keep it under their control (we all remember ScapeBoard, eh?)
  11. Exactly and videos with backround music seem to be the only thing that is allowed. There's still a lot of music on the internet which is for free use, so you want the tip.it mods and admins to use their time to hunt down the original copyright of the songs used, even if they're not listed with title/band? Yes, for the more known bands like Linkin Park or Blink 182 (which are often used) it might be simple, but what if something like this is used in the background, do you really think it's fair for the tip.it staff to hunt down what copyright laws that surround that? And yes, that track is perfectly legal for both downloading and any non-commercial use...
  12. *sniff* But i'd have to agree, tip.it does a rather decent job at removing those ads when they're reported... it was rather slow in the past, but the last few months have been better :)
  13. Since the videos aren't hosted on Tip.It, but rather youtube or the like, i hardly think it's Tip.It place or concern to track those videos down...
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