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  1. There's a couple viable options. 1) write it in Java which has some rather optimized gui libraries and is multi platform 2) write it in c++ and use a decent compiler. 3) write it in visual basic and watch it suck 4) write it in visual c++ and let it fool you into thinking it's different than writing it in vb 5) write it in Java which has some rather optimized gui libraries and is multi platform 6) reconsider why you're writing one and ensure that it's worth the effort you're going to put into it. Did I say Java already?
  2. Not really... but rather than booting from floppy, try burning memtest to a cd and boot from cd. Default drivers will read that. As much as I hate to recommend this, but did you try doing the "repair windows" option from a windows installation disc? It's been known to fix problems in the past (although it also creates new ones, just different, and sometimes more manageable ones.) Best of luck to ya.
  3. Try using a couple arrays and a couple of for loops. Let's say you have Admins, Moderators, Banned, and Users... var colors = new Array("Red","Green","Blue", "Grey"); // assume predefined colors - put in order var filters = new Array("2","3","5","4"); // put filter numbers in order var names = new Array("Admin","Moderator","User","Banned"); // put names in order var output = "" for (x in colors) { output += "" + names[x] + "" } // brackets for clarity print output; // not a real command ... do what you need to do to put the output in the board This won't work, but it will point you in the right direction.
  4. DVDshrink is a great program, as long as all the activities you're doing are legal :-)
  5. I'll admit I'm not a regular to the board, and am only offering an outsider perspective on the situation. I feel it would be unfair to compare the WoW: What server thread to a general Pok̮̩̉̉mon thread because the WoW thread asks a specific question, whereas you would have a multitude of different topics in a general thread. If there are a lot of threads on the subject of Pok̮̩̉̉mon, and they're all about DIFFERENT topics (I don't know the different topics of Pok̮̩̉̉mon, so I can't give examples) then I would say they shouldn't be 'shoved in the junk drawer' by making them all on a single thread. Again this has a disclaimer of an outsider's perspective, and have no experience in the board.
  6. Can you log into the official forums? You won't be able to if there's a problem with your Java.
  7. What about using some sort of metasubmission technique? Example: Players submit different prices, and the posted price is based on the plot of those numbers, with a small twist. Users are required to sign in the post prices, and prices that are either manually or automatically flagged as way off base (like saying a blue beret costs 420-435M) will count against the user, meaning their votes will be worth less toward the posted result than someone who consistently submits good prices. Another option is ... <_< >_> allow item researchers to change the prices <_< >_> *hides* *scurries away*
  8. Everything needs to be done in a one-request-per-click fashion. Meaning it is only allowed to update when a person clicks it. Now, if you did it every random amount of time between 3 minutes and 5 minutes, then you would probably never get caught ... that doesn't make within the rules though. However, without knowing the platform you're on, there isn't much help to be offered for commands. There is a very good chance you don't have to talk to anyone as long as you have ftp access (which if it's your server you do.) If it can't be done from the command line, it can't be done. If you can run it once, you can automate it.
  9. Exactly why a donator benefit would be great. Perhaps no ads, a donator only board (which would likely be more comprised of a more mature userbase,) larger inbox, lowered (although not abolished) flood control (since you have something to lose if do something stupid,) just a couple things that might motivate people to fork out a little.
  10. If he's using Safari, he probably has no C:\ ... If he DOES have a C:\ then his problem is that he's using a beta Safari for Windows browser, which explains his problem ... Either way, have you tried the unsigned applet?
  11. Unlikely - it's a low order search, and constant time to make the change. this doesn't mean it isn't related, but I highly doubt it's the searching on the page. Things that would slow the forums down would be something that's doing MASSIVE amounts of searching, like the search feature at the top set to search all forums, especially if wild cards are used (are wild cards enabled? ...) or excessive refreshing. Searching an entire page might take a minute for a human, but basically, what i'm guessing is ... it searches the page by pulling each word (almost no time used to extract the word) and searching for an ad for that word, which is a very fast lookup (problably O lg n or even n, depending on the implementation) and it only has to do that for every word. Now, this might sound like a lot, but when you consider how fast it can load it already, and it already has to load every word on the page somehow (how else would it get rendered? :P) it shouldn't ad barely any time to the page generation. Something to pay attention to is "Page Generation Time: 1.07868 seconds, SQL queries : 10" at the bottom. High generation times with high numbers of queries is normal. High times with low amounts of queries isn't good at all. THAT indicates a problem. Now, each forum is different, I haven't tracked the numbers for this forum, but if you look at those enough it will be able to tell you if the forum itself is lagging or if it might be something in between you and the forum.
  12. define "frozen" is it just white screened? or can you see everything and it just doesn't move?
  13. Anyone can drive on a road free of charge. However, money to fix the roads and make new roads and other costs has to come from somewhere. So, someone decided that they should tax the gasoline, because almost all gasoline is used on the roads. This means that whoever drives the car (or, more accurately, fills the gas-tank) pays the tax for driving on the road. This doesn't mean those who CAN'T BUY gas or can't DRIVE can't ride in a car. But it DOES mean they're restricted to riding in a car when someone else is going somewhere. Anyone without a driver's license knows that can be annoying. Anyone with a driver's license knows it's nice to be able to go where you want, when you want. It's not exactly the same, but the concept is. Yes, people without the ability to pay for their own way will grumble at how annoying it is that others get benefits that they don't. But if enough people subscribed (and I mean subscribed) to generate a solid source of revenue for the site, then even though those who didn't subscribe wouldn't get the (upgraded inbox? other benefit?,) they might be able to be on the site without needing ads. Again, I think a small report of the numbers involved here would really help people realize the possibility of making everything ad free. If people knew how much it cost to run it, and how many people would need to subscribe (or donate I suppose) to keep it ad free, you'd be more likely to get people to help out.
  14. +1 ... link to some specs or some way to cite your sources ... As someone said 2 drives for copying, but if you're only interested in production you might not need to copy much. However, seeing as you're probably a major audiophile can I suggest 2 drives for mostly storage instead of 1 for running and 1 for storage? Basically, you can get two drives, and the first drive split into 3 partitions. Put about 20% as your C: drive for booting (minimum of 10Gb, 20 is best.) Make another partition that's about 30Gb for your programs. Then make the rest a partition for your data. I've found this makes it a lot easier if you need to reinstall your OS because you can do a clean wipe of that single partition and leave most everything intact. Makes the reinstall process easier, in my experience. -- You may encounter problems with programs that can't be "repair installed" but at least you won't have to reinstall them ALL. Plus this makes it easy to backup your files before you do the reinstall. -- And I would DEFINITELY go for as much ram as you can get your hands on, because uncompressed audio, when you've got multiple tracks, can really soak up the memory. It would be a waste to compress during the editing stage; you would lose a lot of quality. However, I must say... having FAST ram is more important than having LOTS of ram. :-D
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