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    Mijn naam is Eric. My name is Eric. Ik ben bijna 16 jaar. I am almost 16 years old.
  1. I remember this movie where a guy faked a pilot. Can't remember what it was called but you should try that. :wink: :P
  2. So tell me what wut u really really want? I wanna I wanna I wanna I wanna...
  3. Yay, you're back! I've been miserable without you. But I don't need a sig now, just made one myself. I was desperate a little while ago though. Because you're shop is the best and it was closed. :(
  4. The CIA put LSD in my coffee once. :XD: I keed of course. Legalize marijuana and tax it.
  5. Viktorkrum77


    1.) Money and tons of it. 2.) Complete self-confidence and a whole new make-over physically. 3.) To be immortal. Alternatively, more Genie Lamps. :P
  6. ...Sexually Abused. Informative yet a tad bit biased and personal: http://www.bloggernews.net/18108 Informative:
  7. I think that's going a little over the top there. You don't think making the forums a friendlier and more interesting place is worth it? I certainly do and if that means doing a few more moves and locks (which I don't think it will to that extent) then I will gladly do it. I think over time it will cut down the amount of moderating we have to do on the OT board because every thread wont be turned into a spamfest because it doesn't suit some users tastes, like it sometimes does at the moment. Well, I'll give it a shot. Kind of ironic with all the merges lately. :P The only problem I foresee is things like posts that start off as lounge-like posts like, My Grandma's Dieing, and then turn into a huge serious medical debates. It'd be a quagmire of sorts. And this is common in OT.
  8. BTW I wear glasses, they're kinda the shape of the eyes, but more square.
  9. Unless there's a ton of mods on (and I'm sorry to say that's often not the case in OT) this wouldn't work. People would post in the wrong one, or they would spam, it'd be an endless fight of locking and moving threads. It's just not worth it. I don't support.
  10. Or maybe a birthday thread monitored by a very trustworthy and often on user. Where one would PM them when their birthday is and they'd build a list then change the topic for each person(s) birthdays.
  11. It's puring rain here, thundering, lightening, hailing straight all afternoon and evening, it's in clumps of on and off. And I'm in the USA (Michigan)! It's also very hot.
  12. I'm not up to snuff on my WWII history. I just heard it on the History Channel, and so I said, "technically you could justify", because you can't count Historians as always being credible sources.
  13. Most of those spiders don't creep me out. In fact, I wouldn't mind having a pet tarantula (the hair and size make them more comforting). To me it's the tiny household spiders (one or two centimeters or smaller), and it's mostly based on the physique and possibly movement, but mostly physique. And it's really only one type, the type with the giant backs, see here: Sometimes their backs are shiny,and it doesn't help when they have eggs near them like in the above picture and the one in my basement that triggered this thread. :ohnoes:
  14. Being allies he's forced to. Technically you could justify that the Brits still owe the US for WWI and WWII support. And I liked Blair. He legalized gay marriage, which is great, it means he's for equality and can see past people's exterior appearance and knows what really matters. And as a friend said, he just followed Bush on Iraq, he practically had no choice since the US and Britain are such close allies.
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