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  1. happy birthday =)

  2. Happy birthday :D

  3. runemetsa


    Haha, thanks Nadril :D
  4. runemetsa


    Oh I have? Sorry about that :( I think you won the architecture PotM with it. PotM is gone, SotW is gone :< Oh now I remember! Is this place really that dead nowadays? :(
  5. runemetsa


    Thank youuu peeps :) And yeah, the mist is natural!
  6. runemetsa


    Oh I have? Sorry about that :(
  7. runemetsa


    Woah. This place has changed a lot. Some photos here: [hide] [/hide] More can be found on my deviantART Sorry if this doesn't automatically resize.
  8. happy birthday :]

  9. Happy Birthday!

  10. runemetsa


    Woah, I love it! <3:
  11. Go ahead :D I had second thoughts about the theme too :rolleyes:
  12. Awesome, three Muses <3: My vote goes to MrShinyRedPlanet
  13. this new forum is shiny

  14. Thanks Nadril, some good points there : The previous site was pretty much a quick test run that I have used a tad too long :D That's why I didn't really focus on the coding. And that's why it was linked to deviantART. But thanks for the comments :) And Pat, Yuck is still going on. We have just had a minor break, as I worked the whole summer at Finnish Broadcasting Company and now I have just started high school. I will be updating more about that later :
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