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  1. Sounds like Salem. These people should definitely be charged. It has nothing to do with if she was possessed or that it was an exorcism and there was some extent of consent - they tortured her until she was dead. The people who do things like that need to be suffocated until they realize what they're isn't going to cure someones mental issues.
  2. The holocaust and cancer survivor were actually funny. The other jokes were too long-winded and drawn out. For longer jokes like those, they have to have the proper execution and deliverance. Reading them silently to yourself doesn't always resonant the humor. What do a burlap sack and musical have in common? [hide=]I wouldn't want to be in either[/hide]
  3. James Blackshaw if you dig 12-string.
  4. Skills make money; money funds skills. Skills ftw.
  5. Yes, it would raise prices for both player made armors and weapons as well as dramatically increase prices on armor and weapons dropped from monsters. In theory, players would find it to be much more price worthy to buy smithable items than rare, over-priced armor and weapons, thus creating a better marking for player-made armor and weapons. This will revive smithing and create a more profitable market for it while keeping rare armor and weapon drops as they should be-- rare.
  6. It seems like sending in identification just to talk to who you want to would be more work than it's worth. Muting a player is much easier. I actually enjoying noobs yelling their heads off at you for stealing "their" rock when mining.
  7. I think decreasing the chance of getting a weapon or armor from monsters would increase reliance on player made armor and weapons.
  8. If this hadn't happened in school and wasn't conducted for some BS reason because of something as pathetic as a girl having Ibuprofen on her, what the vice principal had done to her would have been considered sexual assault towards a minor. Either way, the pervert deserves his [wagon] kicked and teethed pulled out one-by-one. Just because they're children does not mean they have any less rights than the adults.
  9. Off-topic: Pretentious. Take criticism in stride and constructively. On-topic: I'm interested to see what you had actually written before you edited your post.
  10. I was wondering which NPCs you can visit to make alterations to your character? I know there's the makeover mage and I believe a barbershop in Fally, are there any other places such as those? Thanks.
  11. Bon Iver is phenomenal and For Emma, Forever Ago is a beautiful album. A+ for that as number one. Fleet Foxes are fantastic and Jeff Buckley is ethereal. I'm kind of upset with your Radiohead pick though. I mean, I do like The Bends, I think it really showcases the band's musicianship when it comes to straightforward rock/alternative, but I personally think Kid A is their best. It is a tough decision either way. The list was decent overall, nice mixing of genres. I'll have to take a listen to some of the albums!
  12. I don't see how you could solely focus on RS without doing something else to keep your attention at the same time. Most skills such as WC or mining are tedious and repetitive and usually have some delay until you mine your next ore or the tree respawns. Granted, there are some skills and activities where you should be focused on, but for the most part, RS is a lot of repetition. Multi-tasking is a definite positive. In addition, I don't really see how multi-tasking makes Runescape empty as someone previously stated. Some people would rather go about skilling on their own and maybe read the forums or something. But, if you are that desperate, you could always just strike up a conversation with the person next to you if you feel RS is too empty.
  13. One of the items I need to get is volencia moss which is located on Karamja near the nature altar. I've found the rocks I need to search to find the moss however when I search the rocks, I do not get any moss.
  14. I'm not really sure why I want to read a romance novel but I was just wondering if anyone knew of a good one for someone who doesn't read them a lot.
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