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    looking for a gwd / corporal beast clan
  1. what is b2p? Is that a good Aviansie build?
  2. Hey, I just sold everything of value on my account and I now have around 70m. What do you guys think I should buy? Remember I need everything!! including weapons and armor! I think i will deffinately be buying a dragonfire shield, zammy spear, and whip opf course. So take out about 20m. maybe a bgs and barrows armour? That leaves me with about 50m. I like to go after the corporal beast, stealing creations, mith dragons, avanises, and such. Please also include why you think I should buy which item. Maybe Ill try something new.
  3. Just as it says. Which skill do you consider to be money makers. To me the mopst obvious is runecraft and hunter. Oh and of course combat skills, if you get good drops.
  4. that sucks.. i thought i had actually found a way to make money off of smithing...
  5. This si straight from runescape forums... this is better then guessing... doug
  6. lol i know its bad.... is runecrafting the most profitable skill???
  7. level runecraft fast? im 59 now. I want to level it as fast as possible? Should I play GOP or just keep runing through abyss and teleport....
  8. Read this: http://forum.[Please Use QuickFind Code].ws?17,18,257,57550326 This is the closest you will get to knowing an accurate drop rate. summary: 37k+ dragons killed 3 visages droped.
  9. i guess this is how i feel also, in comparison to other skills. smithing has no growing room. I mean you need 75 smith to make full adam when most people by the time they get to 75 smith they are over 100 combat....
  10. im looking for a decent clan that does a good bit of stuff. what i like: stealing creations noncombat or combat (rather non) GWD Corporal Beast I am open to other minigames or other creature killing a nice clan that helps other people What i dont like: super strict clans... looking for something laid back mean people current goals: 99 smith 98 str send me smething if interested... stats below. Thanks, Dark :mrgreen:
  11. yew longs...you lose no money :D
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