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  1. Eh, I'm 103 combat and was placed in registrar 5 against a few 138's and I got wiped out in 2 seconds even with some decent gear :\ Then I went over to registrar 4 and saw 3-5 other people same combat as me in it. Not really sure how these registrars work since I've been seing people up to 105 in registrar 4.. :\
  2. L. Pro bank right there. :lol: I have less though -.- 8/10. Narb.
  3. No.... Don't :( I'll miss you. :lol: But gl irl
  4. It's a Toshiba, I think one in the Sattelite series but I'm not exactly sure which. Also, after waking up today I turned my laptop on and the sound was back... Edit: Just got back after I had lunch and my sound was working for a few minutes, then it suddenly turned off again... Urgh... -.-
  5. Yes, I think :lol: How can I check for that?
  6. For the past few months I've been having trouble with the sound on my laptop. I would just open up my laptop and I would go on youtube and try to watch something and notice that the sound wasn't working.. I was getting this Usually after restarting my laptop the sound would be back to normal so it was alright for then. In the past few weeks this has been happening more and more often and I've had trouble getting the sound back on. Its been off all day today. I've tried to going to Control Pannel > Sound but all it says is "There are no audio devices installed". I don't know where to go from here.. I'm not really smart with computers and I'd appreciate if you guys could help me out. Thanks :)
  7. O, I r on friend list. Yah pro. I'll miss you son :( You should've got 2000 total before leaving though :( Bai
  8. Haha, congrats on finally getting that cape. Good luck with the grazy goals aswell :
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