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  1. The_Gabe


    It's been a while since I've been here.
  2. The_Gabe


    Saw Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation last night. It was seriously one of the best movies I've ever seen.
  3. The_Gabe


    How did she get scammed?
  4. The_Gabe


    I fly from Israel to JFK tomorrow and then I got almost a 12 hour layover. Yay...
  5. Texting is a part of communication. All you need to do is learn the other person's style of texting and if something is unclear, you ask them. It's pretty basic.Iirc you're in a long distance relationship? That's correct.
  6. Texting is a part of communication. All you need to do is learn the other person's style of texting and if something is unclear, you ask them. It's pretty basic.
  7. Self control doesn't "come standard" with anyone. It's something that you have to constantly work at. Just my opinion, but if you got to the point where you were actively discussing being in a relationship with another woman, you didn't have anywhere near a sufficient amount of self control. Eh, I'd agree with you here if it wasn't for the fact that they were just on a trip together. I think a lot of people would use the trip as an opportunity to cheat and then somehow convince themselves that it "doesn't matter" or "doesn't count." Since it's impossible for him to really stay in contact with her, and he never actually made any moves or anything like that, I don't really see anything wrong here-- no lapse of self-control imo. It'd be different if he was acting this way towards a girl that he works with or frequently comes into contact with, but I imagine such a situation would never occur in the first place due to self-control. In other words, I think they both understood that there was no chance of anything real actually happening between them since they were just on a trip together. BUT, with that said, I won't be surprised if this has some subtle effects (for better or for worse) on Gabe's relationship now that he has proof that women besides his girlfriend would like to have him as a boyfriend. Certainly he did exhibit self control, but it seems as though it was more "the opportunity not being right" than anything. Directly acknowledging your feelings for someone is a big step...and that doesn't come without a lot of flirting and shared intimacy, which is what should have been avoided. As for the effect on his current relationship, that's up to how he acts. I think some of you are really reading into this too much. Like way too much. We weren't really actually considering doing anything either. We didn't consider dating. We just acknowledged the fact that we were compatible. I Only did it because it was the end of the trip and I speak my mind. It has no effect on my relationship and I already know I can get other women. I was the guy surrounded by women during that trip. I'm also a sexy man :twss:
  8. And I got out of that situation. We both did. We never hung out alone. I'm surprised that self control doesn't come standard with you people
  9. you became good friends who wanted to [bleep] men and women can't be friends I disagree. Yes, we might have wanted to get physical. But I've had other female friends that I had no desire to [bleep].
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