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  1. Why are you still here?

  2. Jesus christ, that thing is fierce!
  3. Remember me? Probably not... Oh well, no worries! Anyway, have a Happy Birthday! Heck, if you want some extra fun, come jump into the Forum Games! ^_^

  4. Dem myspace angles. I've been good, studying at university nowadays (med). No more runescape for me but I have been playing a lot of DotA2 this year. How's about you? Show me some photos plz keep on topic
  5. I guess I do look different. The magic of makeup, puberty and a different hairstyle. I don't live in the same city as Dreamtongirl any more but I'll be sure to grab more photos with her when I go back in the summer. :)
  6. Too much sausage in this thread. On the left. x0x0 luv u 4eva TIF
  7. Happy birthday! :D

  8. I do know that ElkNight met the creator when he was actually using Chatroulette, and helped him improve it.
  9. I have no recollection of discovering it.. :-| I think it may have been through stumbleupon -- I remember being one of the only few who had liked it on there Not entirely sure how it exploded in popularity though.
  10. He spent 10 days here at the end of last year -- not enough time imo. But I'll be seeing him at the end of this year for a couple of months in USA. Will be swell. :D
  11. l0rd should give me some $$$$
  12. What are you talking about?! Of course they're open... not
  13. Wongtong


    Lying in bed being lazy. It's a miserable day out there, rainy and cold. I'm happy though, it's nice listening to cars drive past.
  14. You remembered yo pass?

    1. Wongtong


      I had to get tripsis to reset my password / relink my account with another email hahaha.

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