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  1. Back in 09, freshly retired from RuneScape, I used to frequent OT quite a bit. In fact, I used to own and run the unofficial TIF community channel (I've taken down all the vids I made, but the ones others made are still up). Anywhoo, in August of 09, forestfrolic made a thread where we could share funny chat logs from Omegle (seen here). And on page 16 of that thread, Wongtong let us know about a new site she found which was basically like Omegle, but with video too. It was called head-to-head.org, and there were basically just TIFers on the site at the time, since it was so new. Fun was had, and we were all posting pictures of the fellow TIFers we chatted with. A few days later, the owner of head-to-head.org changed his domain the Chatroulette.com. As a 10th grader, I hadn't had too much experience with making money on the internet, but I thought the website was gonna be big, and saw this domain switch as a possible way to capitalize on being one of the first people to know of the site. So, I bought some variations of the site (miss-spelled and related). Fast forward a couple months, and Chatroulette was the new craze. It had its bit on all major news networks, and pretty much anyone who used the internet a lot become fast familiar with the fallice-filled fun that could be had on the site. The more popular the site got, the more money I made from the traffic to my domains (I parked my domains for adspace, and sold a few to developers who wanted to make forums/niche sites relating to Chatroulette). Soon enough, I was (and continue) making a few hundred dollars a month from people clicking on adspace (like adsense) on my chatroulette domains/sites that I no longer do any maintenance on. It's just such a random life-changing chain of events that started in the strangest of places, I just thought I'd share (even if a few years late). Also, I'm wondering how Wongtong was one of the first people to hear about head-to-head. :o Also, I'm not going to share the domain names or further specifics for privacy and security purposes. Here's Wongtong's post: http://forum.tip.it/topic/243430-omegle/page__st__300?do=findComment&comment=3966583 <3 2009 TIF
  2. Zezima's quote on his YouTube page summarizes my sentiments in regard to the possibility to get 200m in all skills: Back when I played full-time, I never thought that people who have such ridiculously high total-exps as they do now. By all means, update the game as much as you want, Jagex, but try not to just make it progressively easier as time goes by--that is not fun.
  3. Stellar Dawn, the Science-Fiction MMORPG that Jagex will soon release, is largely a mystery at this point. Not much, if anything, is known about the actual game-play. What Jagex has graced us with, however, is a few narratives, tidbits of information, and media to keep the anticipating masses' interest while the game goes through its pre-beta, developmental process. Hopefully this guide can serve to shine a little more light on this still very-mysterious game! Contents: I. Frequently Asked Questions II. The Backstory III. Media IV. Links and Sources I. Frequently Asked Questions What is Stellar Dawn? [hide]Stellar Dawn is an upcoming browser-based Science-Fiction MMORPG under development by UK game developer JaGeX. Originally known as Mechscape, the project was scrapped and renamed after it was decided that the completed project did not meet the standards of the original design brief.The project was overhauled and formally announced as Stellar Dawn on 14 July 2010when Jagex released the official Stellar Dawn website.On 10 August 2010 the first official Stellar Dawn teaser was released. The game is slated for a 2011 launch.As of September 2011 the most recent change to Stellar Dawn's homepage was on 18 November 2010,which has lead some to believe that, like MechScape, the game may have been scrapped. A September 2011 press release stated that the game would be released within the next twelve months. So far, not much is known or has been released on the game, which has resulted in a frenzy of speculation. See our other pages to get a picture of what is actually known.[/hide] So when will it be released? [hide]Unfortunately, the release-date is entirely unknown at the moment. Jagex has stubbornly kept any sort of release-date information to their chestspossibly because they don't quite know themselves. After all, thousands and thousands of man-hours have to be put in before a game of this scale before it can even be considered for a beta release. Two quotes from Jagex officials have been the center of much release-date speculation as of late. In a September 6th interview, Jagex's newly-appointed Chief Operating Officer, Daniel Clough, said the following: We have a hugely exciting twelve months ahead with the release of 8Realms, Transformers Universe and Stellar Dawn and very soon the noise from the Jagex corner will have people sitting up and listening. People have interpreted this to mean that the latest Stellar Dawn could be released is by September 2012. However, some are quite pessimistic and say that it could be even longer until we see Stellar Dawn released to the public. To quote Mod Mat K from a lengthy post on the official RuneScape forum, ...as for Stellar Dawn, the only thing I can say is that we are not going to release it until we think it is good enough. If this takes another 10 years, then so be it. Let's hope it doesn't take that long. As things stand, it is still on its way. While no one realistically thinks it will take that long for Stellar Dawn's release, it definitely sends some mixed-messages, and serves to confuse anyone who has seen Coming in 2011 plastered all over the Stellar Dawn official site for quite some time. As someone fairly confident in Jagex, this author thinks we will see Stellar Dawn's beta release sometime before 2011's end, so apply for beta if you haven't already![/hide] Where will the game be set? [hide]MechScape was supposed to be set in a star system with 13 planets and "countless moons". The Stellar Dawn homepage still says that the game will be set in an alien star system, and Jagex said that most of the plot would be re-used, so it's safe to assume that it will be the same one.[/hide] Will there be player races? [hide]One of the big features of MechScape was the four playable races - humans, mechs, Mortiga (rock-like) and Pliigi (plant-like). It's likely that all four races will still be in Stellar Dawn, but it hasn't been confirmed if all of them will be playable.[/hide] Will there be skills? [hide]Jagex originally said that MechScape would be skill-free and grinding-free, but when MechScape became Stellar Dawn, Jagex revised this and said that it would have an "accumulation mechanic" of some kind.[/hide] What is MechScape? [hide]In 2007 Jagex registered UK trademarks and various related domain names for the term MechScape. At the 2008 E3 Media and Business Summit it was announced that Jagex were working on a new MMO to be called MechScape, expected in the first quarter of 2009. Henrique Olifiers, Lead Developer at the time, announced that it would be browser-based like RuneScape, but would be one or two steps beyond RuneScape HD's level of technology, that it would have a science fiction theme and that it would be aimed at an older audience. In an interview with GamesIndustry.biz, then CEO Geoff Iddison stated that Jagex have "got a very, very big investment into another MMO" and that it was expected to be released "early next year, Q1 2009" - when asked if he was referring to MechScape, he replied "I can't say too much more, I'm afraid." On 29 October 2009, Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard announced that MechScape had been cancelled prior to its release, describing the decision as costing "tens of millions of pounds." Much of the game, including its engine, was intended to be reused in Stellar Dawn, however everything in Stellar Dawn was reinvented with the exception of some concept art.[/hide] How much will it cost to play? [hide]Jagex hasn't released any specific price figures. The only think they say on their main site is, "The game will be free to play, with extra areas and opportunities available to subscribers."[/hide] II. The Backstory The Great Silence [hide]As you're probably acutely aware, there has been a 'Great Silence' of sorts on all Stellar Dawn information and interaction from Jagex. This is undoubtedly helpful in securing that no information is accidentally leaked, and also might serve as a marketing strategy to generate hype. Whatever the original intentions of this silence, Jagex has found a way to work it into their backstory. You see, all was normal until a series of 'technical problems' started progresively making it harder for Jagex mods to post onto the Official Forum. The first evidence of these staged 'problems' was on October 4th, when Mod MarkG left the following message: The next day, MarkG left another strange post: These unexplained 'technical problems' resuluted in the activation of something Jagex called Protocol K89, which is stated to 'suspend all unsecure transmissions.' After the K89 was activated, Mod Comnet left the following message on the Official Forum: Likewise, the Official Stellar Dawn Twitter and Facebook page said similar messages. And thus, the silence that lasts to this day began. It is suspected that the silence will continue until Stellar Dawn's release.[/hide] Lamanai Dig [hide]The Lamanai Dig was an interesting bit published by Jagex on the Official Stellar Dawn forums over the period of a couple months in 2010. The story consists of journal entries from a woman by the name of Helen Grange, who was hired to investigate the mysteries of some ancient pyramids in Central America, at Lamanai (This is real location. Search Lamanai on the web to see the pyramids and such). Her journal entries span from October to November of the year 2043. I don't want to influence any speculation before you've read the journals, so I'm just going to post them as they were on the Official Forum: 4th October 2043 6th October 2043 12th October 2043 12th October 2043 14th October 2043 19th October 2043 21st October 2043 26th October 2043 1st November 2043 2nd November 2043 [/hide] Special Projects Group [hide]The Special Projects Group (SPG) is a group with currently unknown intentions that appeared on the Stellar Dawn Official Forums on the 10th November 2010. It is unknown if it will be featured in the game or not. It has 2 operatives in this sector, known as Dimitris Georgiou and Alexandra Novak. Currently very little is know about the group and operators, except from some info from the few cryptic posts they have posted. It is revealed that their current project is leaded by a very powerful, and possibly dangerous figure. Summary Transcript [hide] D Georgiou "This line of questioning is filled with risk, as is breaking into a secure communication channel. You are being monitored." Stellarnomad posted that he had tried to decrypt the confirmation codes for any hidden messages* L Georgiou -a fake- enters and starts trying to communicate* Alex Novak "Tell me Stellarnomad, how familiar are you with decoding & decryption, and what were you doing at 12:40 GMT today? Thanks to procedure nothing was gained by this stunt no matter who was responsible. Dimitris and I will be amongst you conducting our business, and I hope for all your sakes, that any further 'issues' will be avoided. Please note we are the only 2 operatives in this sector, impersonation of an SPG operative is an unhealthy option, you have been warned." D Georgiou "The department we work for is known as the Special Projects Group, not that this knowledge will help you. The organisation is classified and you'd know if you needed to. We can breach any conversation at any time, you should understand this and our unlimited reach. You may have been lucky with your communication breach, but we now understand how this was achieved. You may indeed prove useful to us." Alex Novak "'L Georgiou', I have read D Georgiou's dossier, and you clearly have not! His brother was KIA many years ago, he's alone just like me. To lose family.....is to lose part of yourself......But surviving makes you strong, it's what makes us good at our jobs. Only one part of your hoax is true. I have no doubt that the puppet-master behind this operation is very capable, powerful, and therefore spectacularly dangerous. If you waste our time you are wasting his money, remember that. All things considered, I think we should adjourn for the day. Tomorrow we start anew, bring answers." The next day they returned D Georgiou "So you want answers? Why? To what end? You wouldn't know what to do with them if they smacked you in the face. I'll give you something for free though. My family history is my business but there sure ain't anybody called L in it." D Georgiou "So you think we have the answers? You may be right but does that mean we give them for free? Nothing is free in this world, let me tell you." Alex Novak "Interesting it seems that many of you candidates assume so much, take my gender, or the fact you think we are some simple 'government suits'. Krono Jovia: you mentioned a name..Helen Grange, you speak of her openly. What do you know of this woman? Major Haxzy: Have you been to Belize? Alexandra." Alex Novak "It's only natural resist, I understand that, but by helping us you are helping yourselves. If you don't know about Belize, then you are of little use to us. You mentioned journals?.......... What exactly did she write? How did you come across them?.... Where can I find said journals? Alexandra." D Georgiou "Are we the good guys or the bad guys? Wow, now that's all dependent on our project at the time and your point of view. I'm sure anybody we "locate" would think us the bad guys, but it's not all black and white. I wish it were... " Journals were being posted here* D Georgiou "We'll be checking out this information. I don't like having my time wasted, so I hope for your sakes this is genuine. " The journals have been read* Alex Novak "Wait, Dimitris what is this!? I picked up this contract based on the pay, and because of what the SPG did for me in Mexico....It was all a lie, everything was a lie.......... This all makes sense now. This is about my father's work isn't it, and you think you can use me like you use everyone else! Your playing a dangerous game, but hell this is wasted on you, you're just a puppet, a ghost who walks among the living!" D Georgiou "Novak, enough! We'll talk, but not like this. A job's a job and you've taken the contract. I won't stand for this, and you'll finish what you started." Alex Novak "Hmph, I'm not one of your SPG dogs Dimitris, you might be their chosen one, but don't cross me! I am my own woman, and I am free, I accept the cost no matter the danger. You are right though, I did accept the job, and I always complete my contracts. But don't mistake compliance for acceptance. Let's continue, we need to establish the source of these 'journal entries', there's no proof that they are genuine." Alex Novak "This process is not about what we may or may not know, it's about what you know. Once we establish this we can move on to phase 2. Some of you have freely shared what you know, some of you are resisting, but it's just a matter of time before we have what we want." Posted in Lamanai Dig* Alex Novak "Have you suffered any recent trauma? You seem confused and disorientated. Don't panic, the SPG can help you......they can .help. all of you. It's unfortunate that you have become involved, the things you may of may not know are why we have made contact, and the results of our investigation will determine the course of your future. Today we have been assigned a secondary objective to observe your community, many of you have already shown promise. We will be watching. Alexandra." On Operation 5464FC* Alex Novak "Swart Goud: Do you see visions, or experience unexplained colour flashes? Do not panic this is all normal anxiety commonly experienced in phase 1 of this process. You have already given us useful information on Helen Grange, we have catalogued every detail. Though we will need to ask further questions, we wanted to reward you for your cooperation. All you need to do is clear your Browser cache, which should automatically indicate top performers. I look forward to further observation, this contract is beginning to become a lot more intriguing than I first thought. Alexandra." (Note: Clearing you browser cache would lead to a forum avatar update.) D Georgiou "Obedient. That's good. We might be able to work with this. Alex, 73.45% obedience rating, not bad. Highest since Morelia." Alex Novak "Indeed, subliminal manipulation is most effective in these cases, and those figures are pleasing. I have been running some of the background data, and it seems like a small percentage may have been in direct contact with Grange. I would need to gain direct access to the subconscious of key individuals to see if they are storing additional data." D Georgiou "So quit yapping about it. You have the clearance so let's get moving." Alex Novak "This isn't as easy as exploiting your infinite clearance level. It's a delicate matter, and potentially dangerous for subjects. Noninvasive methods will not work here even if the subject complies there will be measures embedded to prevent direct access. There is a more invasive measure I am familiar with, but there are some nasty side effects for subjects. The autonomic nervous system can be easily compromised leading to rapid shutdown of vital organs. We would also need to have access to a medical unit and an E.E.G to monitor brain state. The adapted hypnosis is relatively harmless , depending on application, but an extraction should be painless. Then there's deletion, if this is something also desirable then I will need access to a comprehensive pharmaceutical stock. It's not simple, and it's completely ethically unsound. If this is something the SPG wishes to pursue then I can't condone it, but my contract would not allow me to refuse. Frankly I advise we give our existing methods more time. Alexandra." D Georgiou "Novak, you were brought onboard for your expertise, and I'm not going to argue with that. But, I want things done as quickly as possible for obvious reasons. Good start." Alex Novak "We do not keep 9-5pm hours, but we do a lot of communication during these hours. My contract stipulates that I will be on call for the duration of the operation. Those that have volunteered to undergo the invasive subconscious extraction, I commend your bravery, but trust me when I say I am sparing you much suffering by sticking to less invasive methods for as long as possible. Alexandra." Alex Novak "I have a meeting to attend, please make sure you rest up and eat well. It's important to keep you all healthy to ensure we keep the success rate of phase 1 up. I am due to investigate a lead this weekend, but I will make contact if I have further questions. Dimitris will be on decryption this weekend, frankly having him out of the way makes my work easier. Alexandra out." The next day. Alex Novak I'm here. My meeting was a waste of time, another dead end and another person who thought wasting my time was not a problem. Well his silence will now be permanent. The idiot underestimated me, and was obviously an amateur trying to extort or bribe. He even brought his leverage with him, which meant that my little trip hasn't been a total waste. I have in my possession documents that may indicate one of you may be in possession of an item from the dig site you clearly know about, as demonstrated by the journal extracts you willingly shared with us earlier. So I feel we need to establish how much you know about Helen's time in around Lamanai. Alex Novak What do you know about any discoveries she may have shared with you? Alex Novak You must understand that I can not keep communications open all the time. There is much discussion about the reward we gave you, this is good. Brain activity is up 10%, rendering some fantastic results. It looks like the SPG are almost satisfied that none of you are a threat, and that all communication has stopped. Dimitris found something in the Data tonight..... Alex Novak ........We're moving. Irregular chatter, talk to no one.[/hide][/hide] III. Media Official Videos [hide] "Launch" Trailer, posted 14 July 2010 "Brace for Impact" Trailer, posted 10 August 2010 [/hide] Pictures [hide]Official Pictures on StellarDawn.com Fan Art and Other Pictures[/hide] IV. Links and Sources Stellar Dawn Official Site Official Facebook Page Official Twitter Page Official YouTube Channel Stellar Dawn Wikipedia Article Lamanai Dig Thread: 84-85-32-80731 Special Projects Group Thread: 84-85-100-83261 Dawners.com Stellar Dawn Fansite & Community Hope this guide was helpful, guys. I made it exclusively for TIF! Criticism/suggestions welcome. And don't forget to apply for Stellar Dawn Beta. I think we're in for a treat. -l0rd
  4. Glad to see these are still as good as they used to be. Bravo, editorial panel.
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    Today I built from scratch a Stellar Dawn help site. Feels good, man.
  6. I just updated my signature. Check out my community! -l0rd
  7. Laaaame, should come back for good. Haha the should are fine, I presume.

  8. Off to other places on the internet, with a sprinkling of real-life activities here and there. Oh, and I moved to Canada.

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  10. It'd be nice to see the RuneScape sourcecode cleanly lain out for java educational purposes. Even better if it had some commentary/someone picking it apart and explaining its methods, etc. Does anyone know if such a webpage/download exists?
  11. Tis goin pretty well. Surprised/nice to see you're still active on here!

  12. You just might be right on that. But mostly here in anticipation of Stellar Dawn--which Jagex wont release anytime soon. :P

    Hope the sheep are doing well.

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