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  1. Jeffwilson99


    Today I looked through some of my old photos I posted here to the Gallery. Goddam, so many awful photos that I thought were good at the time.
  2. Ok their algorithm is still a bit off clearly.. Our top three guesses for your English dialect:1. Singaporean 2. American (Standard) 3. Welsh (UK) Our top three guesses for your native (first) language: 1. Chinese 2. English 3. Greek It's funny because I specifically avoid the American English phrases. I'm from New Zealand (which I'm sure New Zealandish isn't even a word) and our English is British English. Although because of television and movies, a lot of American English has crept in. So this test was way off I'm afraid. -
  3. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY again!!! Have fun! ^_^

  4. Jeffwilson99


    I got up at 9 after 6 hours of sleep to see the eclipse... All I could see was a brilliant grey London day.
  5. 19 years old? Such a young un

  6. I can honestly say this though have never crossed my mind and I've never been temping to try either. I don't want to sound homophobic, but yeah.
  7. Jeffwilson99


    In ten years time you'll be thankful. When I shave I have a big baby face, I don't mind to much. I just keep it stubbly, and I feel when I'm early thirties I can shave away a few years. Then I can be beautiful forever!
  8. So muggi, did you organise this date via a website? I find this whole organising date thing so much easier in a massive city like London. Basically, I had a new Tinder match who opened with me because I'm from New Zealand and she had been travelling there. I told her I was going to the British Museum tomorrow and she pretty much asked to be my guide. So, basically this girl closed with me, all I had to do was give her my number. The only problem is she is leaving tomorrow afternoon to go on holiday with her Dad to South Africa and is away for 5 weeks. i would hate to know what I'll be up to in 5 weeks time... To be honest I find it pretty tricky try to juggle multiple dates and people at once...It's much easier at the moment given I am not working yet...will be interesting to see how it goes!
  9. I dunno, I don't think so. I feel pretty confident when meeting up with girls one on one, which just comes from experience. But at the same time I try to organise these dates with girls I'm sure I'll get alone with really well (which seems obvious).
  10. The confidence thing is strange. Sometimes I feel surprised that girls like me as much as they do sometimes, but I think I come across as a lot more confident than I really am In saying that, I've had a great time in London so far. I've been on three "dates" so far. All three has gone really well so far, well to the point that I've had been invited back to their place each time. Maybe it's easier when you're a foreigner!
  11. Lol you guys are all so wrong. I think you're referring to a small minority of people who get hurt dating. I actually by their twenties, most people are a lot more mature, open minded and at ease with who they are. Not to get too braggy but I've managed to line up 3 dates in three days this week. Plus a job interview today. Great sucess.
  12. She sounds young, gets boyfriend after two weeks...then a few weeks later breaks up?
  13. Jeffwilson99


    Don't lie, you'd prefer to come to New Zanada! http://www.buzzfeed.com/simoncrerar/new-zanada-is-the-nicest-country-in-the-world
  14. Jeffwilson99


    The reality is that you'd likely trade everything just to become American. Most valuable thing in the world = U.S. citizenship. Really? This is the most ridiculous thing I have read today.
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