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  1. Pretty much what everyone else said. When I first started using the cave, I was getting extremely frustrated because I never got a ring drop in something like 15 tasks? Then, after i got my first ring, they almost seemed to start pouring in, I even had a single task of gargs that gave me 4 rings. Since then, I would say Ive had atleast 1 ring/task. But then again, Im waiting for my luck streak to run dry and not get a ring until my stock is almost all the way gone (wait, I have to use the fairy rings to get there again? Ohhhh noooesss)
  2. Firstly, that's a joke. You're supposed to laugh or sigh at them, not pick out their flaws. (You have no idea how hard i am going to hit you and in which area, to you, it's random.) Secondly, of course it's "unreliable" as it's edittable by anyone. But what really is reliable? Tip.it? Hell no. Jagex database? I lol'd. Well, your first post seemed pretty hardcore, so i missed the joke :unsure: And second, Jagex=goodjoke, but so far I have found little wrong here on tip.it, and what is wrong is usually corrected asap. Its the main reason I set up camp here instead of other fansites.
  3. And its also not a random chance of causing internal bleeding. Put down your math book and go take a class in anatomy, you are more likely to get internal bleeding in some areas than in others. Im pretty sure if you hit me in the toe with your big book of chance, Im not gonna get internal bleeding. On a second note, RS wiki has been proven to be unreliable, so you might want to check out another site/forum to confirm the stuff you read there, just a word of advice
  4. Hardest as in the amount of skill actually needed to train? Because if thats so, then go find another game, few things in rs besides bossing takes actual "skill"
  5. So, after letting my membership lapse and not really feeling like renewing yet, I thought about starting a f2p pking account, since ive never really been a pker. Problem is, ive never been a pker. What kind of stats should I be looking at, and what quests should I look into? Also, if I enjoy it enough, I might take it P2p, so that might effect the stats a little. Thoughts?
  6. Well, you asked for good ways to train, and slayer is pretty much the best way to train melee, even if it isnt the fastest. You can train up 5 skills at the same time, and still make decent money. Plus, you need slayer levels for higher end stuff in the game anyway. But, if you are hard set on not doing slayer, you can try AZs, zombie monkeys, cave crawlers would be pretty good at your level too. On a side note, when people see an account that has 0 posts and is new, they are less likely to give the best advice since they think its gonna be a spam account (usually is) and dont take the time to write out good advice.
  7. They only take forever to get. But if he is looking to use them for minigames, then he isnt really losing time in earning them
  8. Cannoning specs used to be profitable, but I dont think it is anymore due to the large drop in herb price. That may have changed with bxpw though, so its worth looking into, even though it is alot of banking. Just be sure to take a macaw to get better herbs. Besides herb drops, they also have a pretty nice rare drop table, for a lvl 92 of course. I forget the exact number, but Ive gotten a large number of torstols in a single drop before. Up to you depending on your luck.
  9. If you are gonna buy your ammo, I find rune darts to be the best for kuradal's
  10. Made me LOL. If you say this, you are saying that you dont use a whip, d boots, or other slayer only gear.
  11. Well then thats really pointless, unless all you do is play alot of minigames
  12. Gonna hijack this thread a little :oops: I read the new page on the armor, and it says so does that mean that they are useless in PvM? Or is it just the 15% damage boost that you lose outside of PvP?
  13. Sweet. Also, what shield can I sub out for the DFS? I assume its used to you dont have a negative mage defence, but I cant think of any shield besides the DFS and BSS (dont have access to yet)
  14. If I borrowed tassets, I wouldnt be able to take claws
  15. Would BCP+karil bottoms work? I just bought a BCP, and I would have to sell BCP+fury to get the tassets and ktop
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