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  1. This happens everytime I try to go to RS homepage. Any fixes?
  2. Is there a level requirement for the gems? EDIT: Fastest ways to get to Shiloh Village?
  3. Do they have mixed battlestaffs in 07? And are there gem mines?
  4. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. Just brought it up because I have a lot of extra pure ess just laying around.
  5. I already make 2 mind runes. Do you know average prices for both the pure ess and mind runes?
  6. Which pulls in more profit, selling mind runes or just regular pure essence? Thanks in advance.
  7. Sold all besides opal and jade. Will bump once I restock inventory and will take into consideration.
  8. One uncut ruby, seven uncut saphires, five cut saphires, one uncut emerald, five cut emeralds, eight uncut opal and eight uncut jade for sale. Buy as a whole pack. Message me in game for a price- Maet Nameno EDIT: There doesn't happen to be a specific forum for trading on old school is there? (Tip.It not RS website) I couldn't find one so I'm just trying to make sure..
  9. I think I'm just confused about this entire post...
  10. thats probably because of the amount of people. Try w88? Is that a "lrc world" as well?
  11. Does anyone else always lag here on W84? I mean I have a very nice computer and good Internet service but I still get around 10 fps in lrc. Is it everyone? Or just a few?
  12. Was I supposed to get a lamp or something? I was a member all month and received nothing? Any help?
  13. That was the first thing that I tried and they all ignored me and just went on their jolly way. I offered gold and everything... EDIT: And I didn't offer gold at first because I know they do it for free. But after being ignored I had to...
  14. Can someone join a dungeon with me and make me a promethiem (Fail spell) 2H sword? I had one but I went on a break and when I came back I was non-mem. If anyone can help with this it'll be greatly appreciated.!
  15. Same ol' RS. Just little details here and there but there wasn't anything that completely revolutionized the game.
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