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  1. Thank you Quyneax. I asked this question to my clan members as well. Turns out, it is my Spellcaster gloves. I'm glad I am not going crazy :)
  2. This is gonna come out completely crazy, but I think I'm going bonkers! :unsure: Here I am, minding my own business while doing a mining daily and my Slayer task at the same time, the living rocks start attacking me. That's all plain and simple. However, it got interesting, as I saw I was deflecting a small portion of the damage. Not much, only like 1-14 damage, but its enough. MY question is, How? I didn't have Deflect Curse on at the time. That's the only logical explanation I can come up with.
  3. This is going to sound crazy coming from a Combat Level 200 player, but... I need advice. I am going headlong into a Greater Demon Slayer task, and am going to do it at Zamorak God Wars. Here's how I plan to go in: Head: Full Slayer Mask Amulet: Amulet of Fury Weapon: Saradomin Godsword Ammo: Zamorak arrow (This is to protect me from the minions) :) Body: Bandos Chestplate Leggings: Tetsu Leggings Aura: Vampirism Ring: Berserker Ring Scrimshaw of Vampirism However, I get the sneaky feeling that I may be able to only get 2-3 kills in before I retreat, but I still want to do my killing here Any advice plz? My stats are in my sig. Thanks.
  4. Sounds dangerous. Well, I got a spiritual magi slayer task, so I might be able to join. Depends on what my family is doing, and they come first. Don't count me out, but don't depend on me
  5. I'm stuck in a situation that i cant get out of. I am crusading my way toward the Ritual of the Majarhatt quest, but I need lvl 76 Mining and lvl 77 Agility. Currently I have lvl 74 in both skills. I would boost them to reach the skill lvls, but quest guide says no to that. I need to know what the fastest way to get to the quest requirements are. I currently plan to stay at the Lava Flow Mine for the Mining, and when that's done, I'm going to Ape Atoll with Sure-footed/Wisdom Auras for 77 Agility. Any other advice would be accepted and considered. I'm that desprate, lol. Thank you in advance.
  6. Deamondancer here with an update for you Tip.it I recently got a 28 clean torstol drop from a greater demon, while on the beastairy page, it only reads at 25. I cant pic, so I know I cant have it confirmed, and I apologize for that
  7. Will my gano armor do any gd in this bloodbath? I want to bring it
  8. Sounds fun. I dont know if I'll make it, but if i do, ill defenitely give the other sites a run for edgeville. :thumbsup:
  9. Well then, it looks like I have my work cut out for me. I have 116k worth of tokens toward the chaotic rapier/longsword (most likely rapier, cause of speed), and I shall keep going for it, come hell or high water. Either way, once I get it, I am going to thrust right into Nomad's face. Quyneax, thank you for your help. :) Runescape needs more people like you.
  10. Ok, so I've engaged Nomad three times and died all three times, even though I brought a ring of life with me. The ring does not go off, saving me, but will a pheonix necklace? Im guessing Nomad doesnt like people teleing out the throne room. Also, I have outfitted myself with the tokkul-zo ring (I'm using Ythaar title :)) Should I work on dunging till I get 200k tokens for chaotic rapier? I have about 103K tokens right now
  11. Tip.it, I call upon you will a message of help. I am at the tail end of the Nomad's Requim quest. The one thing left for me to do is kill Nomad himself. I know its not gonna be easy so I ask you: What should I bring to the fight? My current thought of the killing setup is: Head: Ganodermic Visor Torso: Ganodermic Poncho Melee Weapon: Korasi's Sword Ranged Weapon: Rune Crossbow Legs: Ganodermic Poncho Off-hand: Dragon Defender Ammo: Ruby bolts (e) Boots: Dragon Boots Gloves: Culirmancer's gloves 10 Ring: Most likely none, since row wont help here Aura: Reverance Cape: Cape of Legends Inventory is stuffed with prayer pots, brews, restores and rocktails. I do not have acces to ardy cape, fire cape, any 99 capes or eee. Other than that, plz feel free to comment on what I should do. I am aiming to down Nomad on try 1. :thumbsup: :pray:
  12. Do you remember the Death Plateau quest and the follow-up quest after that? :rolleyes: Just follow that route starting from the sherpa's house. Be sure to buy some spiked boots before you depart the house of the sherpa.
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