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  1. Hello, I have never been a combat person so i have never done bosses and such. I would like to try out zulrah but doesnt really know ANYTHING about armour. I only have 8.8m, would that be enough? please, please, recommend a full build for me. for the magic setup i was thinking about this setup(after watching youtube) - ahrims top - ahrims robe - Occult necklace - Seers ring - Mystic gloves- Trident of the seas - Malediction ward however that would cost me 10m so i would need 1m more but then what about range? remove Malediction ward and use full void + blowpipe?
  2. As the title says: Would selling IRL "services" on a regular basis with bonds(gifting) as paying be agaisnt RS rules?
  3. how do I get there without trollheim tele? Iv'e been trying to figure it out for some days now lol. please help me :P
  4. thank u guys. okey I'll go for 70 prayer before starting this :P
  5. is there any good 1-99 combat guide or can some1 help me here please? 108 combat, 90 attk, 85 str, 86 def. What monsters for best exp? what items and armour should I use? I got 12m cash atm. Thank you!! :P
  6. elin1101

    hunter kits

    1k min... I'll pay very good ea
  7. idk if i posted this wrong but I wonder if there is any program or site providing the possibility to show me how my character would look like wearing different items? Thank u
  8. elin1101

    hunter kits

    Buying hunter kits. Please contact me if u r selling :thumbsup:
  9. Thank you. wich slayer lvl do i need to get good money then?... im 20 atm
  10. ok i get a black mask. just a question, can i teleport to egdeville with something? so i get fast to Vannaka
  11. HI i just got member for the first time. I'm a bit lost. Where can I train combat and get money and good xp? im combat 97 atm. Thank you
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