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  1. I was exactly the same, I couldn't talk to a pretty girl without stuttering or being extremely awkward yet alone approach one! But as with everything in life it gets easier with experience, mine came from: working in customer service, having to work in groups at uni and getting my heart ripped out and stamped on by a beautiful girl. It all built up that interaction and gave me my biggest realisation: the fact that beauty is common, beautiful girls can be dull, mean and overall uninteresting. After I took them off the pedestal that I myself put them on and lowered them to my level it made life much easier. Where once alcohol was a catalyst to me relaxing and being able to hold a conversation with girl, now it's just an added extra, I drink for the taste really and it still relaxes me.
  2. I don't change much when drunk except maybe I'll be a bit more friendly and engaging. I went sober for around 6 months at one stage just to do it, and it actually put girls off that I'd be sober and they'd be tipsy. This is because they'd be concious of embarrassing themselves. When both of you are drunk, you are both on the same level, not having a drink makes you seem superior in some way or another. One of my friends never drinks on nights outs and he's one of the most sociable people you'd meet. Alcohol doesn't give you a new personality it kind of pushes out and enhances the character that you already have.
  3. Breaking the ice...to get attention. I totally agree 100% with Ginger. I [bleep]ing hate it when people do that to me, I'd reckon others would feel the same. From both of your bios it has you both down as males so I don't know the places you two go where girls approach you and try and talk to you but in the normal smoking area this doesn't happen that often (from experience). My advice was to a guy who struggled carrying on small talk with a girl he'd just met at a club smoking area. Of course you wouldn't do this in a school, library, gym, etc. You wouldn’t have to use the pigeon example as it was something I just made up for the post. You’d use your surroundings and adapt to each situation accordingly. And yes in the end you are breaking the ice to get her attention, but so what? There are hundreds of other men in the bar that'd step-up. How is she supposed to know that you're interested if you don't show her attention? I don't know if that little dig was aimed at me but I'd only give advice that has worked for me in the past.
  4. It's just something to say other than the standard routine, not really seeking attention as such but a way to get to know a person using randomness to break the ice. Of course you'd only do this in a club/bar where both of you would have couple of drinks in you.
  5. You have to take into account that some girls are extremely boring and you'll have nothing in common with them apart from the fact that you're both attracted to each other. In a club smoking area though you have the opportunity to be random and funny. Don't ask boring questions like "Are you also a student?" "What are you studying...?" They've heard that a million times before and if they like you then they'll ask you that later anyway, be more creative. Back in the day when I was drunk in a bar/club talking to a girl I'd say a bunch of random crap, usually first things that'd pop into my head for mine and her amusement. Me: Hi Girl: Hi Me: Pigeons Girl: Huh? They scare me Me: Would you eat one though? Girl: No, why would I? Me: It's the end of the world and there's no food Girl: haha why is it the end of the world? Me: There's been a nuclear war Girl: That's a weird question to ask someone Me: Well yeah, but it's better than the standard shit you get plus it made you laugh kinda, or creeped out I'm not sure Girl: Creeped out... Me: Ok I'm sorry about that, that was a bit random of me Girl: Nah it was funny At that stage I'd realise what I'd be dealing with; if she gives banter back and is funny then it's game on and we can have more fun conversations, buy some drinks, dance, etc. If she's boring but I'm a bit bored I'd try some conversation from another angle, if I'm not bored I'd probably kill it off and walk away to talk to my friends. You'd find most of the times that you'd made an impression and she'll come over later on in the night, or you'll have a chance to wave her over to try again.
  6. StrOwez


    I have visited tip.it forums for the first time in nearly two years =]
  7. definitely do, something to pass the time and add to the experience of dating.
  8. good lesson there, don't hang about. Girls are like car parking spaces, all the good ones are taken, so sometime you have to stick it into the disabled one.
  9. would be nice to when searching for my post to be able to jump straight to that post.
  10. Though one, you knew your best friend was interested why didn't you say to him straight away that you were too. That would leave her to be anyone's game, this way he kind of warned you off her but you got with her anyway. This will most likely end up in a choice of Best friend or a GF. Try talking to your best friend and hope he is understanding but don't be surprised if he's pissed off at you. Say something like I found out x girl likes me and I like her too.
  11. there isn't a good way, it takes a lot of balls to end a relationship. From my experience it's really hard to let someone go. But you have to man up and just do it. Her sending naked pictures of herself to someone is a form of cheating and warrants an immediate breakup.
  12. Back when I was a lad... we didn't ( well I didn't) Get any of that fancy flavoured cough medicine you get nowadays. It tasted absolutely vile. Also cod liver oil bruugghh
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