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  1. Hiya everyone! My name is Devoted12 and I've played Runescape since Runescape classic (though on a different account). In about 2006 or so I created Devoted12 and then joined the Tip.It Forums! I was a moderator here for a year and two and have always really enjoyed the community. I decided that I'd like to play Runescape here and there when I have some free time yet again, and look forward to seeing some old friends. Feel free to message me if you remember me so we can catch up! ~Devoted12
  2. Glad to see you are getting this up and running again! It is a great way to get some fun going, and inspire some TLS spirit. Good job!
  3. Hey Devoted long time no see, i hope you're doing good :)

  4. Hiya!! :) These days the only good money makers are boss hunting, herb farming, merchanting and dailies. But since I have zero experience with boss hunting I've been mostly making money through Barrows. It's not as good as the previously mentioned methods but it's good enough for me :)

  5. Hey Tripsis!

    How do you make money in game now? I bought 50k oak planks with some cash I had saved up, thinking I might as well blow some cash on construction when I'm bored, but am also looking at how to make my money back. I noticed that nats are only 150 gp, which if my memory is right, it used to be like 300, so it doesn't really seem worth it!

  6. Hey Val!

    I am going to be on/off the game, so hopefully I'll catch you soon! I've just been so busy, but I definitely miss you all and want to get back into the game when I have some free time! I'm happy to know that you still play so I'll have someone to talk to!

    I'll seeya online soon, and hope your family is doing well!

  7. Where are you!!! Get back on the game woulda ya...

  8. Hey Codguy! Bet you don't remember me, but I happened to check out Tip.It and saw how well you are doing in Runescape and couldn't help but tell you Congrats! :D Hope all is well!
  9. Hey there! I hope you're doing well :) Take care!

  10. I'm happy to see this game still going! I don't have the time to play anymore, unfortunately, but it's fun every now and again to hop on and looks at all those TIFers I knew in the past still getting spotted. It's a shame that most of the more legendary members of my time don't seem to play anymore. Keep taking those pictures and having fun, after all, that's the point of the game - fun! To those of you who know me, message me, it'd be fun to catch up! :)
  11. HIya! It's good to hear from you! My holiday was great, thanks! I know what you mean about RuneScape getting boring quickly. Life is good for me though. I'm back at uni now and so far I like all my classes, which is good! :D How about you? What's new with you in the real world?

  12. Hey! I hope you've had a good holidays! I am not really playing Runescape anymore. Occasionally I get on, just get bored fairly quickly! How's life?

  13. We haven't talked in ages! I hope you're doing well and life is going good :) Still playing RuneScape?

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