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  1. Kinda smells like another mass ban. Went through my irc logs and... [18:24:05] -[EE]RuneScript- *** [ CASTLE-WARS ]: [Hohto] Rank: 1,110 | Score: 2,219 ^Yesterday [08:48:10] <@RuneScript> *** [ CASTLE-WARS ]: [Hohto] Rank: 959 | Score: 2,230 ^This morning 151 ranks up with just 11 games played... And if my memory serves me right, some days ago rank 1100 required around 2245 games. Was also ranked 1156th overall before going to sleep last night, woke up at rank 1133 and gone up ranks in every single skill, including 1,1k ranks in hunter this week by gaining just 1,6k xp. edit: also went up 48 construction ranks without xp gained. Now back in top 1300, yay.
  2. That's a good start, but quite frankly nothing more than that. Few bans don't really make any difference when countless of people slip under the radar all the time and without any problems at all. If they really wanted to make a difference, they'd put more effort into catching bots than designing more and more cosmetic Solomon things and banning a handful of people every now and then. Oh well, guess even a handful is better than nothing...
  3. We always have to bear in mind that skills tend to get easier all the time and what once looked like an impossible task, can now be something "everyone" can do. Just because someone doesn't consider something worth even being a goal now doesn't mean it isn't something that can just be done in "no time" soon. It only takes 2 right updates and those two skills could turn into "jokes" like RC did after Runespan or cooking did after cook-x.
  4. Kinda interesting to find topics you wrote or read over a decade ago... Anyways went through my ow archives and found quite a few pics worth posting. Those pics are from december 2002 if my memory serves me right. The person in santa is me and that's a Scapeboard mod pk event. Some familiar names can be found from the pics. Back in the days Andrew was somewhat active at the forums and taking part in discussions too. No ivory towers or anything, just chatting like the rest of the guys. Old Scapeboard layout from 2003. Notice the mod list ;) Lacks cropping, but meh. Gotta love the old market section. Things were "a bit" different back in then. Gotta love the prices. Another old layout. Notice who had posted the last thing to the general section ;)
  5. I don't remember the last weekend, but not worth remembering either I guess. Nonetheless, people worth remembering are remembered by those who are old enough to remember.
  6. Graz :) And gl on getting the (trimmed) comp cape ;)
  7. I have a bit twisted feelings about this update... It seems somehow wrong that the fastest xp to a certain skill comes from a minigame. Basically you could get from 1 to 99 without ever even going to the altars or creating "proper" runes. That kinda reminds me of how Pest Control was before it was nerfed. For some reason I wouldn't be surprised if Jagex nerfed the minigame after some weeks/months. Would somehow fit to the image Jagex has when it comes to this kind of situations. However on the bright side, RC was seriously in need of an update that changed the nature of the skill. Slow, requires a lot of clicking&attention and repetitive aren't the words skills should have to be described with. Was this the right thing to is another question, but at least those words don't have to refer to rc anymore. From the economic point of view, this update might have been a catastrophy, a blessing or something between those lines, depending how much people will start doing it and how do they see things. It's a cruel fact that this update will take away people from doing "real" runes. That could mean less supply, meaning higher prices for the runes. However I used the verb "could" for a reason: it depends how good the wicked robes will be, how big total effect will the new pouch have and how many people will get the inspiration to RC and the levels for higher double runes.
  8. They better not make me start Livid farming from 0 again as I've unlocked the group venge :shame: edit: And the jad pet... Not sure can I be bothered to go for the zeals, I have plenty of spare fire capes though. I personally feel that this month isn't going to be that great in the end. Just a lot of spice towards old things, pets and such doesn't exactly sound my kind of a month. Btw anyone else feels like that BTS is usually the best part of an event?
  9. No it's definitely not, you're right. I can post a screen of me getting 107 combat the day before rs2 was released, and on that list I'm 102. Also good to see you and Fook still lurking around. Was more concerned on whether it was summer 2002 or some other time than if it was just before rs2 :P Personally ended up getting 110 combat in rsc, however as I stayed there for quite a while after the launch of RS2, I was only around 105-107 when the 2nd version came. Nevertheless, managed to get 90hp and 99 magic in both versions because of that :)
  10. as i recall upon the end of rsc zezima was in his high 80's.. last i remember he was pk level 89, at barb village maxing out fishing with mox91 I know zez was well over 100 cmbt before rsc I'm not so sure. im pretty sure he was like 113-115 he was like 95's across the board in combat and finished off combat when rs2 came out mainly when the rc skill came out That list is NOT from the moment when RS2 came. I don't remember the exact time when that list was compiled, but Kingleonardo (if my memory doesn't let me down here) compiled it in summer 2002. After that many people, including me and Zez (amongs with many others) got to 100+ cmb there, way before the transition to RS2. And I know for a fact that Zezima was at least 115 cm at RSC, will upload a picture if someone needs proof and I actually take a chance to see this topic :P
  11. Passively working for trimmed and doing things I like. And when it comes to trimmed, don't expect it at least before late 2012 and don't book yourself any parties; more than likely it won't be fore years if I even ever get it (I don't count it as a real goal) and I never host parties.
  12. They could just insert phats into the grand exchange. And no-one would notice it. The markets would notice it in no time due exponentally increased "sniped" phats. If it was done in small scale, it would only cause a small dip and panic and that's about it; nothing like the topic starter was dreaming about. If it was large scale, it would just cause things I listed above.
  13. I have no intentions on going for any specific xp goals, such as 200m in all skills or so. Because of that I chose to make it a bit faster to get the cape than use the xp on "nothing".
  14. Had saved up 7.8m+ tokens, 22 effigies, some peng points and troll invasion book for this. Finally got it (H) [12:27:29] <+[YO]RuneScript> *** [ TRACKER ]: Exp gains for Hohto in last 1day: Overall(+2) +13,517,665 | Att(109) +25,741 | Def(109) +26,064 | Str(112) +108,843 | Cns(113) +56,215 | Range(104) +2,242 | Pray(99) +1,252 | Mage(107) +20,723 | Cook(102) +7,951 | WC(101) +185,293 | Fletch(100) +112,279 | Fish(102) +19,071 | FM(101) +313,332 [12:27:35] <+[YO]RuneScript> *** [ TRACKER ]: Craft(100) +1,548 | Smith(101) +3,286 | Mine(100) +222,521 | Herb(99->100) +85,152 | Agil(100) +254,027 | Thieve(100) +31,608 | Slay(101) +17,147 | Farm(102) +244,507 | RC(99->100) +192,549 | Hunt(100) +200,294 | Con(101) +313,379 | Summon(101) +4,032 | Dungeon(118->120) +11,068,609
  15. Why did I even bother opening this topic.... 1. First of all, that would mean that more money are being invested in other things, such as weapons and raw materials. Literally billions of gp that was saved and used to buy rares would hit the other markets. That would put a lot of pressure on other items to go up in prices due the increased demand. This possibility would also just drive merchanters to merch different items with their billions, meaning that a lot of average players would suffer from the situation. 2. What would it exactly fix? It wouldn't stabilize anything like you claim at your starting post, it would just shake the markets more than any single update has ever done. This us done for example due the affects listed above and for the fact that money should be kept in other things instead, meaning that other items would be hoarded instead. This is due the fact that the amount of money is limited to a reasonably low amount. At least I rather see the economy as the way it is and let people have a bit higher "margins" with rares than remove a lot of useful items from the markets as the money just has to be kept in some non-gp form. 3. How would it be done properly? Just one day say that all your rares were deleted or made untradeable? That would cause a huge loss of players due the fact that long time accomplishments were destroyed overnight. Not exactly something Jagex would do at their current situation, they are already suffering from the lack of customers. Give it in money? Yea, that would definitely fix it, only several max cash piles would be created overnight and due the circumstances they would more than likely hit the markets immediately, causing a higher demand of other things. Re-release them? That idea would be doomed to fail, seeing that it would just (along with economical problems mentioned earlier) cause a customer loss, in future put pressure to re-release other things and so on. The idea of re-releasing discontinueds or removing them is failed to doom because: 1. It has no real purpose. 2. It would just cause other problems 3. There's no proper method of doing it
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