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  1. Kingboy Lavadude Everdred Gertjaars Lovear
  2. August 2001. Perrretty much started because of my brother. I guess I thought murdering chickens looked fun.. And it has kind of stuck to me since :P
  3. *whistles* NO! I missed that wonderful birthday message! Oh well, there's always this here!

  4. I just got your friend request! Well I haven't been on for that long.. But I got it back dear :)

  5. Why can't I sign onto my old tip.it forums account? My old one from 2004 won't let me sign in!

  6. Yeah, but some people DID play for 99's back then, but now they play for no reason or just play for skillcape. I was really addicted to magic, though... Trained at Ardougne guard dogs.. It was popular spot to train. Did anyone else train there? Also we trained at the dragon slayer thing with the keys to unlock doors.. It was very easy there but really no point going there when Ardougne was better.. I never got 99 Magic, btw :P I've just always been lazy...
  7. Do you know if any of them still play? Only a few still play that still talk to me atleast, not many people talk to me anymore and they mostly have forgotten who I am lol
  8. I show no respect to the ones that RPK'd me, I do respect Equalizer T since he's still my friend, Zonghui, Zar Family 2, Sir Beachy, Definitely Viikate, Alex2004, Meili.. Someone called her nasty the other day. Dunno who it was.. Arc Druid since he's just plain old arcy :P The rest can just be forgot about.. I'm kidding ofcourse :P And why aren't I on the respect list? I should be respected as the queen tbh. Oh and I also respect Fook a Ji, because if I didn't i'd probably get killed EDIT: And Arcy, love your forum avatar! That's the same picture you showed me from your photo shoot? Yeah, it is lol
  9. *laughs at my picture* Oldschool F2P Ads on client <3 And Sir Beachy is awesomeeee <3 he's like a real awesome guy. Crazy though :P He also was in wanderers aswell as another one of my friends "Viikate"
  10. Have a great birthday!

  11. I made a few random ones also, when I get home I'll rip them off of my USB stick lol
  12. Who do you remember from the old days? Rab to the Lightning to the Shark to the Merlin to the robinhood 2 to the who da best (who da worst ;D love ya dont worry). Okay some I remember. I once got swamped by Max333 so I remember him. Alex2004 and I used to pk, I remember him also because he was one of my hunnies :3 Rab when in his character as Moderator, I remember he was ultra bossy and a big troll ;) But in Rab he was a sweety Rainbow247 and I loved mining and I used to always see her hanging out at the coal. (Over time I ended up Mining around 20k Coal lol) Eminem2001 and I pulled crackers on eachother. We had 3 at the time, he had two and I had one. He got most :x Ellie was always there for me, she's such a lovely person. She's in the Rainbow family with Rainbow247, Webstein and I. Sir Beachy is still a noob also :P
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