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  1. I've lost it, where can I get another?
  2. Start the 'Creature of Fenkenstien' quest so you can get to the experiments. They are level 25 with 100hp.
  3. Been there, i try to push but they dont move. and i have dug, but nothing happens.
  4. I've checked the guide and it says 'Gravyard'... Where might this be?
  5. You can't wear rune chain until you have done the quest...
  6. Stupid Question If you die in the Barb Mini game do you lose your items?
  7. Why am i thinking that you are lying? If he was lying why would he say it in the first place?
  8. Gingi


    What are buttons for?
  9. There is a Mini-Game in Varrock and one in Port Sarim. There Man-Holes with a Mini-Game sign above them, but I can't get in. Whats down there?
  10. Gingi

    Iron Ore

    How do you get money from iron?
  11. Gingi

    Lost City

    Just killed it using, a Bronze Axe and 26 Sharks!!!
  12. Gingi

    Lost City

    Mage lvl is like 22 .... lol
  13. Do you think i could do the quest? These are my stats: Att - 52 Str -50 Def - 48 Pra - 26 I will take a full pack of shark. Could I Do It?
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