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  1. introuble3

    The Conduit

    I'm really looking forward to this game, I have also pre-ordered it. HVS is actually putting effort into a third party game like this unlike anyone else.
  2. Yeah... Nothing like an unbiased view with a name like that, eh? :lol: Yup that is definitely not biased... though PC's do reign supreme. I guess it's kinda like watching a news report on the Republicans by Fox news.
  3. I used to play this game, haven't played much recently. I might try downloading the latest version to see how much it has evolved.
  4. XP lamp unless it's a half key or snaps.
  5. I believe the site you are referring to is runescript, it is a partner or something like that of tip.it and can find a link to the website on the tip.it main-page.
  6. It's looking like motionplus is going to be making a lot of games play much better especially sport games, wish they had it from the beginning, oh well.
  7. Yeah I like this idea, or at least something similar that picks up coins like the accumulator.
  8. I support, I especially like zaaps idea I think the banning system was implemented that way it would make a lot of sense and it would be cool to be able to talk to people just on your world. :thumbsup:
  9. Support, makes sense that specially trimmed armor would be like blessed in a temple or something and when brought together would give you "special powers" (stat boost).
  10. Well we know his total level, he's a member and his highest skills are woodcutting and firemaking... Yes that total is on highscore Olly
  11. Just made a goal for 99 hunting and cooking. Having two skills to switch off helps cut boredom.
  12. Used to play and was on a pretty good guild but then I went on a vacation and even though I told them I was going to be gone I still got kicked. But if you're in a good guild it's an ok game.
  13. Wii Music, totally pointless game.
  14. introuble3


    Games last to long, I would rather play Runescape or one of the faster and engaging imo funorb games.
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