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  1. Pitch a meet with a place and time. If she:-Doesn't respond -Says "I'll let you know" -Says "Let me check my schedule" -Changes the subject -Offers you a vague time when she's free (e.g. "Next week") -Gives you any excuse not to meet up ...then she's wasting your time. If she is interested, she will either accept your offer, or she'll say she's busy BUT she'll give you a specific time when she's free (e.g. Thursday night at 8pm) As a reminder, if you'd made a move, she'd be probably be fantasizing about your dick right now instead of the douchebag she met the other night who made a move :P Wouldn't her not responding to my offer for a date yesterday already make me assume she's not interested? So, she either did not get my message (doubtful) or she saw it and didn't want to respond because she's not interested. Then again, she texted me this morning. I don't know man, feels like I'm getting played.
  2. Texted that girl asking for a second date yesterday. No response. I shrugged and moved on. Every morning I have a math class with her and I skipped class this morning because I overslept. She sent me a text asking why I skipped class, and I just replied, "I overslept and ate cereal instead." She then laughed and said I didn't miss much. Not sure what's going on here but I feel like she's leading me on.
  3. So it seems we're all in agreement that she's interested and I was a moron for not making any moves. Next step is obviously asking her on a second date. She skips math class a lot so I don't get to talk to her much. The people running the date auction gave us a voucher to use for some Italian joint and we were going to use it but decided to go to another restaurant instead. Planning on texting her in a few days with something like, "I still have that voucher they gave for that Italian place. You up for it?" This a good plan?
  4. Sup fellas, got something new going on here. Here's the scoop. A week ago there was a date auction at my college. I went to watch and did not plan on bidding on anybody. I'm a pretty social dude so I ended up befriending some people around me in the crowd. Anyway, this girl went up there and I had recognized her from my math class. She's pretty attractive and I tell my mates this. They all collectively tell me to bid on her and of course I did it. And I won. We exchanged numbers and she texted me some. I texted her back a couple times. Wasn't expecting much because I knew it was just a date auction thing. Anyway, last night we actually went on the date and it went really well. Not the best at reading people, but when we were at dinner she was smiling and laughing a lot and she kept touching my leg with her feet. When she was in the car, she would turn her whole body to talk to me so she was like sideways in the seat. After dinner, we did some Netflix and chill (lol) and she sat really close to me. Our arms were touching the whole time and I was making her laugh a ton. I got some mixed feelings because after the movie was over, she got up and said she was exhausted and she left back to her dorm. She said she only got two hours of sleep when we were at dinner. She gave me a big hug before she left. After she left, she sent me a text basically saying thanks and that she had a great time. I texted back and said I had a great time too and we should do it again. She replied "Absolutely :)" So I'm pretty sure this means she's interested, correct? Going to see her again later this week and we'll see how it goes. Probably gonna ask her out again if things seem right.
  5. Perhaps you guys are right and I'm just paranoid. I'm just afraid that she's going to flake and that the interest wasn't genuine.
  6. Does it really matter whether or not her interest is genuine? Forgive me for sounding naive but what do you mean?
  7. I asked out the girl at work from my previous post. I went to the store to get a fan for my room since it gets hot at night, and I saw her working there. Of course, as soon as I walked by, she teased me and said, "Get out of my store!" I initiated a conversation with her and before I left to buy my fan, I asked, "Hey, you wanna go out for ice cream sometime?" She replied with "Maybe, Maze, maybe... do you want to?" and I replied with, "Well, yeah I'd like to. I asked," and she replied, "Alright, when do you work next?" I told her that I don't know when we'd work together next, and that'd it'd be better if I got her number and just texted her when we could meetup and she gave me it. I have mixed feelings about the situation. On one hand, she was very obviously flirting with me at work all the time and showed some signs of interest and perhaps the "maybe" was just her being coy/flirty and hard to get. But on the other hand, that "maybe" could've meant no and she was just a flirty person in general. I don't know how to feel about it, I'm going to text her tomorrow.
  8. Howdy folks, haven't posted here in a while. It's been almost a year and in that time frame, I have learned a lot about relationships and dating in general. I've long been over that girl I posted about a year ago. Anyway, I got a new job recently working retail and there's another girl who works there. I've been there a few months, but haven't really noticed her until about two weeks ago. I work on the sales floor usually, but on that day, I had to also be a backup cashier because we were short-staffed. She walked up to me out of nowhere and said, "Oh, you're working both sales floor and being the backup cashier? That's pretty nuts, Maze," I replied with something like, "Oh yeah, I can handle it," but I was wondering why she would know such an insignificant detail of the night. Also, later that night, I was stocking a shelf, and she walked by and said, "Bye, Maze!" I didn't really think anything of it, she was probably just being nice because maybe I took being backup cashier instead of her taking it. Fast forward to a few nights ago, she was working again. This time, she kept playfully teasing me. Whenever I walked past the section she was working in , she would say something to tease me, like "Get back to work, Maze!" or "Get out of my section, you don't work here!" Also, whenever we have huddle (basically it's when everyone who works sales floor gets together to discuss what everyone's doing/how the store is doing), she always finds a way to stand next to me. Like, going out of her way to stand next to me. So, I'm about 80% sure she likes me. However, there a couple things that are keeping me from asking her out. I'm probably blowing these out of proportion and they are likely not too big of a deal, but I'll share them anyway just in case they are not: 1. She's a senior in high school. I am entering my sophomore year in college. I've heard through the grapevine that she is 18-years-old, which is my age (though I'll be 19 in a month). The age difference isn't a big deal as is dating a girl in high school. Would this be frowned upon? 2. I'm slightly afraid of any repercussions at work just in case she does say no. For example, I ask her out, she says no, she goes and tells her girlfriends at work that a dude in college asked her out when she's in high school, I get labelled as a big weirdo. This is probably an extreme example, but you can see how it would be uncomfortable if co-workers saw me as the dude who tried to ask out their friend and got rejected. Probably an overreaction, but I don't know. Something to think about, I guess. I have no problems asking out girls in bookstores or on campus because I know there won't be any repercussions if they say no. I'll just walk away and never see them again.
  9. how did she take it? Did she basically say what we'd suspected, that she wasn't into it anymore?I drove her home. I said, "I think we're done together," and she just said, "Really? Alright..." and then she got out of the car.
  10. I broke up with that girl. It was the right thing to do but I'm pretty [bleep]ed up over it. I haven't eaten since.
  11. We talked about it and things went better than expected. She said she was still interested in me, and that we hadn't texted for a few days because she was busy doing things and she was sick. We're back to talking again and we just accepted that this was just a road bump in the relationship and things will get better as time goes on and we get to know each other more and more.
  12. I know. How do I approach it with her? I was just going to tell her that I feel like we've been disconnected from each other and maybe we could work it out.
  13. Well damn. Well now that my relationship is [bleep]ed, what's a good place to meet women for an 18-year-old?
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