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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Ill give you 200k if u can take a in game picture with whatever poster is above me
  3. I did Giant skeletons for 99 attack in Damis layer.
  4. thank you both and mr blonde hair man
  5. Ugh did i miss something i read the new update and it said to talk to someone in varrock to get into AZ i talked to everyone and no one seemed interasted. I go to az ladder and it says its not safe to go down there alone whats up?
  6. Your logic makes perfect sense. But there is one flaw u assume that all of us by membership for a year.
  7. Okay so hold up wait a min. With all these new wildy and blah blah stuff going on i think some of us overlooked something. So Today is Feb 1st the day wildy came back. Theres something ironic about this what u ask i like many people are gonna purchase members today. KINGMICKEZ25 U NOOB GET TO THE POINT I bought members and got 28 a days of members = a months subscription most months have 30 or 31 days so i feel robbed of two days membership. Kingmickez25 why are u [bleep]ing about two days membership seeing as what today is alot of people are gonna do what i just did PROFIT WELL PLAYED JAGEX. U MONEY MAKERS DISCUSS
  8. Hey guys so i heard there is a new slayer master in the desert Sumona
  9. Hi. So a member has access to both F2P AND P2P worlds Right. So why are we so hated when we show up in F2P? Back Story : I am fishing on Karjma dock in world 47 Minding my own business and such. When someone calls out. Hey why are you here [Name] Why aren't you in your own world. Obviously hes reffering to why am i not fishing in a members world. Someone else answers hes botting. the group says why doesnt he bot in a members world after much debate about botting. i anwser and say im not botting just fishing. Then, they say well then your just here to show off your expensive Armour no one cares [ i am wearing full bandos atm] i said no im just hear beacuse FTP are known better for fishing spots with active users talking then P2P. I didnt do anything to offended these guys, or make anyone made they just came at me with anger for being a member in a f2p world. I mean sure who can say we havent gone to f2p to show off cool amour to noobs and thats great publicty for jagex to get f2p to sign up for members. which is why i assume members can log in to f2p among other reasons what do u think is the main reason for hate on members in f2p do u have any stories like mine of member abuse lol TL:DR Why are memebers hated on f2p servers
  10. There are More then One Green dragon spawn in the game. You can also try blue
  11. Well Today something awesome happened. I went to the runescape website you know to play right While it loaded i was looking at my email and through my speakers i heard a man say the gods are dead. instantly i try to find out what tab is causing this to play Its none other then the runescape tab ive seen this page before it shows a video and a few screenshots of the game but never really payed attention to it. seeing as this is for new people who dont know runescape. But i saw the video and [cabbage] was so cash. I mean most of it was kinda fibbing but the general concept of the video was cool epically the part where there gonna kill the warrior and the ranger shoots down the guy totally epic. Does anyone have a link were i can download the video? Does anyone have any comments about the video what they liked or didnt like Does the video portray runescape according to your opinion. Ps. sorry like acting like a 12yrd old it was just a cool video
  12. Depends On what your gonna use Are You gonna Melle. Are You Gonna Mage Are you gonna Range. Most People Overall Agree though if you can get a hold of a shadow silk that be a good item to bind.
  13. I dont have much knowledge of this skill all my xp came from TOG but here goes. Before You go into find out and understand what the following words mean. Rushing Keyers prestige resetting. also i know there is a cc that will help u make items for that game so u have the best item u can possibly have dont remember what it is. Make sure u do have the best Dung weapons/armour etc for ur level or most teams will drop you.
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