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  1. nice work on ur goals, im currently working on getting veng with a 10m bank lmao, ohh good luck on getting a visage, when i got mine i was like O.O
  2. i decided to go for 99 magic so i bought string ammys for 85 atm, so about how many can u string in a hour?
  3. lol i never heard of effigy farming,with a whip whats the effigy/hr rate? ohh at cavecrawlers btw
  4. wow i had no idea trips lasted so long, thanks for the tips, i've planned a trip with a friend next week any other tips someone can give?
  5. well i have never been there to start off, stats are in signature so i was wondering if i should mage, or what ever the other options are if my stats are good enough, and if so, about how many kills should i average a trip what set up yeilds more kills etc. any tips on DK's are helpfull also, do u need 2 people to get in the DK place?
  6. cat do armoured zombies because there many quests away, and ive been doing slayer up untill now
  7. well I need some tips, i'm about 130k off 90 str atm and i was wondering where the best place to train is i was thinking camping at bandits, but im not sure how effective that is im using ss to train it atm and im looking for a effecient way to train it im looking to get it in about 2 weeks (if thats possible) reasons i want 99 str is for pking and to trim my cooking cape if you have any advise to offer me then please do so i would like to take you in advance stats should be in the siggy
  8. yea i figured since im 80 def, have bunyip and super set almost all tasks, it wasnt needed to get guthans
  9. bought 70 pray for 7.5m and going to buy verac skirt, going to still have a nice cash pile, thanks for the advice
  10. got a torso 2 days ago, and only pray for dragons, so verac isnt needed and not a fan of herblore, i get it up only by lamps =P
  11. Well santa brought me a draconic visage this mourning after i went thro 15 wyverns for a task, so i have a 23.5m cash pile so i was wondering, should i buy guthans and a bgs or wait till i can buy tassys or guthans and 70 prayer or 70 prayer and a bgs or if u have any other ideas they are welcome i dont do boss hunting all that often so im not sure if 70 pray is needed, and tassys might be nice since i enjoy slayer so state your opinions
  12. good luck on 99 herby thats gonna cost you a whole lot, im sure it has already :twss:
  13. dang you and someone from my clan chat, are so close in runecrafting, both are 93 :twss: gl on 99 mate :), this is netgear365 btw, i swiched my ingame, and forum name
  14. which are better gp/exp wise, i know red chins are alot quicker, but which would be cheaper to use?
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