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  1. Does anyone know who is the closest to 99 in 2 different skills right now?
  2. Some of us quit as soon as the beta started
  3. I haven't played in a few months but I'm sure they said there isn't going to be anymore exp weekends
  4. Longest I played straight was 18hours way back when I was getting 99 smithing. My brother has gone a straight 24 hours and a friend of his went 36.
  5. Well when the update officialy is released that'll be the end of runescape for me. Pretty much the only reason i still played was because of the ability to watch movies or play other games while i was training :( gg 99 slayer, my only goal left in good old rs
  6. Korasi special attack always does that in multi combat areas
  7. It would be extremely boring if you actualy watched yourself do it, or you could treat it like ivy and watch tv shows/play xbox while you get 99 rc. Thanks to this update a max cape is actualy forseable on my account.
  8. I recently "officialy" quit by giing my bank to an irl friend who is still interested. The factor that made me quit was how easy obtaining money became after free trade was released with things like staking, dicing, and even RWT. The fact that 60% of the -100 players i saw had full 3a and a herblore cape ( most with phats too) really put me off because I had been trying for a very ling time to save money for overloads, 99 summoning, and prayer and now any level 3 can get those achievements in under a month really devalued the game in my life
  9. My best abyssal demon task yet. The whips and effigy were all in the first 101 kills.
  10. I think they increased the drop rate given that I have gotten 4 of them from 85-86 slayer and didnt see any for 1-85 slayer
  11. ok, but where is the "watchtower" area?
  12. How do I get on this island?
  13. Something tells me paperbag's TIF account got haxed?
  14. Not a glitch? The item does what it is supposed to do... Pretty sure he means his opponent venging himself at the start of the duel when he's on ancient, could be wrong tho. he used the new skull thing to boost his magic in the duel
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