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  1. Yeah +1 for 1mill + in a skill. It might not break any records but I think it's respectable.
  2. I got 500k twice and some dragon hat. Other than that, just a whole bunch of XP lamps so I can pretend I do dung sometimes.
  3. Strength, thought it would be rare and exotic and come in handy. Only after I got it I found out it's the most popular in the game and noticed every other person was wearing the cape. FML.
  4. I'm a noob cos I been playing like 2 years, am level 118 and only a few hours ago found out what Guthans is. I'm a noob cos I've never ever played a single game of castle wars, pest wars, soul wars, guthix wars, mobilising armies Barbarian armies or any of that other stuff. I'm a noob cos I do my quests in alphabetical order, no matter how bad I need to do Troll stronghold. I'm a noob cos I always feel sorry for people with no money and end up giving loads away. I'm a noob cos I keep sending messages to the wrong people when having multiple conversations and end up brainfreezing everyone.
  5. Lol do people actually do the logging out for a break after a few hours thing? I thought it was just a myth. And no bathroom breaks don't count, but I have a peebottle anyway. The 6 hour thing, is this where it randomly logs right out to the login page every now and then? Annoying.
  6. What's the longest you've played for, non-stop? Presumably trying to get money and/or a skill up. I'm trying to get 99 def and am still cruising strong like 22 hours in, not gonna be done for like another 3.5 million but don't think I'm gonna last that long getting 60k an hour. But saying that I have got loads of coffee and another 24 boxset to go through :)
  7. Oh and there's a spinny wheel thing now that teases you with stuff you're never gonna get everyday.
  8. Fletching logs into (u) is nice and easy
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