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  1. For artic pines it more efficient to low alch with a full invent of urns or to split the logs with only some urns?
  2. Hello all! I've tried out anti-aliasing on Runescape and it makes the game look great except for 2 small problems. This however only occurs when I use Direct X. In Open GL everything looks as it should but my fps is reduced from 40-50 to 10-15. The problem is that small lines appear in places around the screen, mainly near the chatbox. Also, all of the text including the chatbox, private messages, the stat screen, and public messages are very thin and semi-unreadable. This happens on both anti-aliasing 2x and 4x. I'll post a picture to further explain the problem. [hide=Direct X][/hide] [hide=Open GL][/hide] If anyone has any input or resolutions please post! Thank you :)
  3. Stats after 2 months (April 17th - June 17th) 202 qp as well. :thumbup:
  4. Cute :3 EDIT: I like the outlining in the third picture. Makes it stand out which is nice.
  5. Pirate Mitch


    Wash your dishes right after you use them or you will end up throwing all of them away.
  6. Me and my friend chillin' out.
  7. Can you explain this a little more please? I'm a bit confused.
  8. [hide=Has the offensive term for feces in chat][/hide] Yurp I think the random guy in zamorak robes who made the fire was more excited :D
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