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  1. Bah, I was too late again - these have all been used. Don't suppose anyone still has a spare they can PM me? Eh, I was afraid folks would use without posting. Sorry. :( You can ask over here though!
  2. Price went down because everyone who already had the boots got 50 "feathers" (untradeable, but still). And the TH promo brought a bunch more feathers into the game, yeah. Long-term, the price will rise though, for sure.
  3. Festive aura is now active! That's +50% xp per day for 30min, up to 50k. First advent calendar prize is silverhawk boots for those who don't have them, or 50 untradeable feathers ("down") for those who do already have them. Seems to have crashed the price on feathers for the moment, but I'm sure that'll spike back up within a few days.
  4. I like it. It definitely takes lots of features and ideas from Hearthstone, but it has its own unique gameplay. Definitely has potential. Here's some beta keys for any other TIFers needing em (post when you use them, please!): E1IF-UFKO-HO4B 0UG9-R18V-TMNM NXR3-B2WR-OR3B
  5. Love it! I've been wanting a keybind to deposit my inventory without having to use a blank preset.
  6. The bow is worse than Noxious and Ascension literally everywhere due to how long it takes to ramp up the extra damage. ...and because it's T85, while the other weapons you mentioned are T90.
  7. The updates to TT slider puzzles and the EW3 puzzle are very welcome; excellent Ninja fixes. Someone hit the cap of 60k QBD kills, and it flipped around and said he had 0 kills. Presumably this is why that got added.
  8. Good call on pointing out the very real problems with GE pricing on holiday items. But as you said, I'm not sure there are any easy fixes. Best option might be to not have a GE market price listed for those items at all, while still allowing them to be sold on the GE. It'd be a bit odd, but it'd prevent the sort of scamming you observed (which no, is not actually against the rules, though I'd have done the same as the pmod you saw and still asked/told the guy to stop advertising as he was) while still allowing the convenience of trading these items on the GE.
  9. So then we have all day tomorrow and then roughly half of Monday (according to GMT time anyway) to train? I'm happy if that's the case but think I'm going to save all my commendations for one go and don't want to lose them lol. I'd be surprised if they actually removed commendations from our inventories right away; I bet they'll leave those for another week or two. But you may want to use all you have today in case you can't get on before the update tomorrow, just in case.
  10. For today and for tomorrow until the game update, the commendation cap for the Falador event is doubled, and you've a greater chance of receiving the unique rewards if you haven't yet (to help folks who maybe weren't around earlier). The event will end with tomorrow's game update.
  11. Apparently they'll be changing defenders to basically be half off-hand weapons, half shields, giving access to both sets of abilities. So they'll probably be pretty darn useful for tanks who don't need the full defensive capabilities of an actual shield.
  12. I vaguely remember them addressing that when they released the previous upgrades to JoT; I think it counts actions that give xp, yeah, even if you're maxed out on xp already.
  13. Of course they add new auras immediately after getting everyone to spend all their loyalty points on tools, heh. I was hoping the Wisdom upgrades would increase the XP boost, not increase the length of time. Not sure if they're worth buying. (Not sure Wisdom is worth buying in the first place, honestly, but I have it, so may as well use it.) Also not sure that I'll bother with the next tier of JoT. 20 skills can be a bit tricky to hit; 25 is going to be obnoxious to try and do every day.
  14. I believe so, but I'm not certain.
  15. And for what it's worth, we generally have the major update newsposts here pretty quickly as well. We don't catch everything that gets said on Twitter or livestreams, but usually someone has seen it and can share the info if needed. I visit r/runescape and browse around sometimes, but I mostly stick to this for news and updates, and RSWikia and occasionally Tip.It for guides and info. I definitely agree that we have a sense of community that the other sites don't, though, and I love spending time in HYT chat even if we're not as active as we used to be.
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