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  1. And, when I logged in, I did not see anything that's changed. The graphics the same, though the interface is different. There's still a lot of players yelling "tripling/doubling money!" and so on. The map looks the same, nothing really caught my eyes. I see some items have crashed, especially Spirit shields. They are nowhere near what they used to be. There's also a King Black Dragon Queen, or so I've heard. But the little I've noticed when I logged on and checked back, is.. little. IT feels like the game hasn't actually changed a lot. Has there been any significant changes? I'm most likely not going to start again now anyway, unless there's something really interesting going on. Although I do think I might never be able to fully quit RuneScape unless it changes completely...
  2. Alright. So usually, I just lurk a bit on the forums, check the RuneScape homepage a few times (I've almost quit. Almost. It's difficult to just completely stop something you've been spending time on for 7 years) And... This is what I see. Buyable spins. As if I didn't have reason enough not to want to play? Heck Team Fortress 2 is at least FREE even if it has microtransactions. (The game itself is 100% free, and you can get every weapon quite easily) Monthly pay, and microtransactions?... And with buying spins that can give you 900k exp in 30 minutes? Dx I bet some rich kid will hire his butler to do this for a week and level up all his skills to 99. Then go around as a maxed player "where do u find sharks" And Jagex have the most sad excuses "its not gambling lol u always win and u dont win real stoof" It's gambling because 90% of the prizes are useless for your gameplay, and just because they're virtual, doesn't mean they're non-existant. They do exist, even if it's as pixels. This is just sad and pathetic, even for Jagex. Especially seeing as they raised the monthly fee not too long ago if I recall. Welp, that decides it, no more membership for me (Unless of course by some odd chance I win a lifetime of it.) Except that Team Fortress 2 at least doesn't have a monthly fee, and you can get all of the items easily for free/almost no time spent.
  3. China and their human rights. Just because someone steals an apple, or say they do not like China's way of doing things, does not mean they deserve to be tortured for years. True, some might say gaming for 12 hours is not torture. But it is still sadistic, since they do not get anything for it at all. And of course, they are still locked up in prison. There are not a lot of people I would say deserve that kind of treatment, and I doubt most in the chinese prisons actually do deserve something like that.
  4. That is not something which is really easy to calculate. But I would guess you will at least get 5 strength levels, but no more than 20 strength levels. And this all depends on whether you do it in a team, or not. And of course what level the monsters are, what tier of berserker you are using, what weapon you can use etc. You only get strength exp if you use a weapon with the option to use "aggresive" (And Two handed swords are the best to use or so I have heard.)
  5. I remember that thread: http://forum.tip.it/topic/285537-how-to-recover-an-account-i-dont-remember-the-username/page__p__4690785#entry4690785 Unfortunately, I have no idea how you can manage to recover your old username. And I doubt Jagex will hand it over to you, if you do not know everything else.
  6. 2M tokens is 20M Exp. The idea of items being bought from shop is make Dungeoneering more appealing. Why would you pay 2M tokens to get a bow, when you can instead use the 2M to get all the items you want that, you IN FIRST place started dung for. I think if they put the Dung items within a price range of 10K to 200K tokens, it would make Dungeoneering skill more successful. 20m experience is not enough for 120 dungeoneering, and not everyone wants to get it for the rewards. 2m tokens sounds pretty reasonable, when you think about the fact that it is so rare, you will gain anywhere from 10-20m exp before meeting one. (And, you need to be 1 of the 5 lucky ones to get it.) These are not facts, but as I have heard, most people are as high as 107 dungeoneering before they have even seen one. You also need 99 slayer to kill it. + I still believe it should not be bought at all, and if so, the price can not be something cheap as 200k tokens.
  7. Even if that's true, it's not as if almost all other armor is designed for men. :rolleyes: I don't see why you add emote "Rolleyes". Is your eyes weak? Ok, i will help: Quoting myself: So i hope that you ladies like the "crowns" (more like tiara). I just wish they could make both a male and female version, not just one way. It's really waste of items for the gender that gets a weird item. In this case for male players like myself. Why would i wear a tiara lol. Maybe it's your turn to experience what female players do? Just out of curiosity, experience what kind of things that female players experience? Like this: "You can't use a coif, you're female! It looks ugly on you." You should not whine, if females can use male gear, then the opposite should be true too. Besides, it is not like these items are "The best" so that you "have" to wear them anyway.
  8. If you want the shield too, I suggest you do Conquest first. Since you will need 1250 points. After that, you will have more than enough points for the shield. Then, find a Pest Control world, or group, since the main pest control worlds have a quite high failrate, which will slow you down. Though I suggest just using the main pest control worlds until you see a group. Preferably wait a bit until there are more people playing, as this will result in a higher chance of finding a good group.
  9. I have to agree that, to a certain extent, morals in a game can have something to say on your morals in your own life. What botting does, is indeed hurting others, but helping some. And even if it does help someone, it does not take away the fact that it is hurting anyone. A lot of these botters do not think even one second that they are indeed hurting others. If botters did not exist, you could probably get a lot more money by mining pure essence than you would without them. I believe they are not being immoral, they are just being ignorant/stupid, and does not think that it actually hurts anyone. At least most of them. It is kind of sad, really. If botters did not exist, you might have been able to earn 1-2 million an hour doing skills. A lot of people are immoral too though. Even if they do know someone is getting hurt, they will do it. (Take for instance the scammers) So after all of this: Botters are either stupid/ignorant, or they have a moral compass that is not 100% accurate, only 90-99% because of this.
  10. I agree that Jagex could introduce more variation to make it less of a grind. I'm guessing in this instance that simply randomizing the order of the tasks would be more annoying than anything; at least now you can get into a rhythm and comfortably maximize your points per round. What I dislike are the people posting figures of how Livid Farm costs too much to be efficient, or that x method is a more efficient method of training magic, farming, whatever. It's not meant to be the most efficient method of anything. The only draw are the rewards, and to the people who are willing to spend the time to get them, they obtain a small increase in their abilities ingame. It may not be enough of an incentive for you to personally do it, but then again, this game isn't all about you. They probably do so because it's very comparable to the semi-recent herblore habitat, which was at least efficient hunter exp with a miniscule amount of farming and herblore exp added on; seen in that light this new activity seems worse. And Herblore Habitat actually had a lot more useful rewards. A potion which banks ores, a potion that helps you get more herbs from a herb patch (Though, prices went up with it, which is kind of a shame, but still brings in more herbs to the economy.) A potion that can bank logs (If you are cutting teaks, then you might actually get more exp/hour now thanks to this) These rewards? Teleport to South Falador is almost useless. You can contact the dark mage to get your pouches repaired (Takes a while longer though) Remote farming requires you to check on the herbs/trees anyway. And would not help a lot unless it takes several minutes to get to a patch. Spiritualise food might be useful, seeing as it can restore your familiars. But it might even ruin setups just to be able to do so, and most places would not take too long to get back to with new familiars. Make leather is also close to useless (Ring of Duelling takes you pretty close.) Disruption shield only works against players. Which might make it useful against rusher. Then again, smart rushers might try to get in 1 hit, before they decide to spec instead. And vengeance group would probably be useful for nexing/corping, seeing as they are usually massed. But, I have to agree: These rewards can, in a few scenarios, be helpful. (Repair Rune Pouch could give you a bit more experience per hour, which is really helpful if you're planning to get 99 runecrafting a bit faster than what you usually would. (But I have no idea if it will save enough for it to be worth getting)
  11. What bothers me the most, is that it takes 30-40 hours, or so I have heard. Which is even longer than getting berserker ring (i) which takes about 25 hours? And even then you do not need to pay as much attention, and you can actually play for fun too. It is also a set pattern, it is not random. And it requires a lot of attention if you want to do it quickly. You might get 5-10 seconds to rest before a new cycle comes around. The magic experience might be decent though. And the farming experience might be the fastest you will get per hour. (Though, I think most agree they would much rather use 5-10 minutes to plant 11 (fruit) trees and get 150k+ exp, than doing this for 1 hour and get 40k experience. Or, herb farming, and gain 6-7k experience, and 250k a run, which takes 5 minutes) Not sure if the construction and agility experience is worth mentioning. And also, this might be worth mentioning: You are paying 15m to get all the spells. If you can buy astrals at 134 GP each. (So yes, it might even be upwards to 20m with the current astral prices) 15m, for 8 spells, 2m farming experience, 240k agility experience, 250k construction exp, 500k crafting experience, and also 2m magic experience. Also this all takes 40 hours. You could, however, get all of this experience in about 25 hours. Costing you 20m for the farming experience, 14m for the magic experience, 2m for crafting, 3m for the construction experience. That Togheter is only 39m or rounded up to 40m. And that leaves you 15 hours to earn 25m to make it the same, which would be 1.6m an hour. Of course, this is only if you can get the astrals etc. really cheap. I really wish they could just reduce the points needed, just by a little. 20 hours would still be a grind, but at least that's 20 hours less than 40 hours. Also note: Experience rates are not very accurate. It is all a very rough estimate, and the numbers might be up to 20% off.
  12. Too bad we cant actually see how many sigils/godswords/etc were actually dropped Let's just try a quick estimation: About 50 lootshare worlds. 1 kill per 8 minutes 1 hour. So roughly there will be somewhere from 200-400 new owners of a new spirit shield with a sigil attached to it. As for Godswords and Bandos Chestplates/Tassets... I doubt there would me more than 1500 new owners of a godsword/armadyl/bandos gear. FFA worlds didn't work or something? That I do not know. But I guess if they did work, you can probably double those numbers.
  13. Too bad we cant actually see how many sigils/godswords/etc were actually dropped Let's just try a quick estimation: About 50 lootshare worlds. 1 kill per 8 minutes 1 hour. So roughly there will be somewhere from 200-400 new owners of a new spirit shield with a sigil attached to it. As for Godswords and Bandos Chestplates/Tassets... I doubt there would me more than 1500 new owners of a godsword/armadyl/bandos gear.
  14. Female players are a minority on RuneScape (Unfortunately) Or at least they are "hiding" (as in having a male character) I also dislike it when someone just assumes a gender on someone. I have used a female character for at least a year now, and I have tried being a male character too. And I think the reason I do not get bothered, like most others do when they have a female character, is because my "name" is Dragondan Ro, and no one would think that "Dan" is short for "Danielle" since that would be too odd. Though I have noticed it makes more of a difference in games like MapleStory. If you are a female, you usually get treated better, get helped easily, maybe even get free money. Not a lot of "bad" attention there, but that might be because anywhere from 20-40% of the players are female, as opposed to RuneScape where it, at least seems, like the female population is merely 10%. Also about the makeup part: Just take normal makeup, put it in a different bottle and write "For men" on it. And I am sure the sales will rise. (Honestly, a lot of stuff has "for men" put on it. Always thought it was a bit weird.)
  15. To answer your question: Thieving. Since you can already get a penance horn that gives double experience while firemaking anyway. (And thieving would stress your fingers more I assume) Depending on your level: Blackjacking Menaphites, Punching Ninja Monkeys at Ape Atoll, or Pyramid Plunder.
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