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  1. i've got 66k points that i want to spend, i already own Reverence, Surefooted, jack of Trades I was thinking about wisdom and greater reverence? I slay/boss and my main goal in RS is to complete all diaries (elite and otherwise) My stats are in my sig. Any ideas what would be a good investment? Also, my membership lapsed this month for about a week, i have no idea how, i was out of the country. So i might as well spend what points i have now that i have membership back
  2. can someone explain the relationships between spores/flakes/etc it all seems very confusing. Flakes can be added to armor bought from the merchant to make the ganodermic armor? or is that stuff dropped from beasts?
  3. So it seems that this new armor is worth getting? Just as good defensively as virtus with barely any mage bonus sacrifice
  4. This attitude is why sumoni is awesome
  5. does completing the special unlock freestyle?
  6. so if nomad's special ticks him off, can you complete the other special fights without first beating them in endurance or climber?
  7. so can we do the nomad special to tick him off or no?
  8. first to duo legally. nex as it is now is impossible solo without the safespot. call it a bug/glitch whatever, he earned it.
  9. agreed, but i disagree with him partially, you can't use runefest to tout this new great update, and then have a large portion of your playerbase unable to login to the game AT ALL, let alone use the new update that most of them were looking forward to. Im very dissapointed but i understand technical issues do happen, so its not like ill be cancelling my 5 yr+ membership, but it is very frustrating.
  10. Does anyone know when/if this has been implemented yet, because i'm still having problems and i fear that it is getting quite late (jagex time) for a fix for this. 2 full days of lost membership is very irritating.
  11. ive tried deleted cache, updating directx and java, multiple accs and computers, and still no login for me :(
  12. Anyone else still not able to login ( over 24hrs later...) I feel like i should be prorated a day of membership for this cabbage
  13. still cant login, same problem as you had before.
  14. God no, of course not. Join me and the other ragers on the Recent updates thread if you want. I tried it on multiple computers with multiple browsers, good to know others on RSOF have my problem lol
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