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  1. I don't think that's too much to ask. At least Jagex realizes how heavily skewed their updates have been toward combat. I'm more concerned about how to make the suggestion "small to medium" sized.
  2. This is something I may participate in. The thread mentioned also states that you can submit more than 1 idea.
  3. I just went to W2 GE and it's completely dead. Almost everyone there is part of some kind of dicing cc. <_< Since RSOF is full of price manipulators I'm pretty screwed trying to find accurate prices for anything... Anyone know whether Ely and Divine are still rising, and if possible, let me know recent prices?
  4. Finally got my first pair at around 2900 commendation.
  5. Yes. I've had many people ask me this and am most positive that it's not the case of me missing any messages. So frustrated. Edit: This kid called me a liar for not getting any boots. Lol.
  6. 2700 commendation. I really hate how I have no luck with these drops... same thing happened to me with golden mining outfit. <_<
  7. I kind of wish Jagex made this process less luck-based and more straightforward. I would gladly pay 500 commendation per pair of boots, or fork over zeal and tickets for bottoms and helmets.
  8. That's the consensus I've gotten from people with boots. I doubt that it takes as long as a couple hundred more wins to get all 3 though; unlike what the first few posters said I was told they start coming fairly quickly after the first pair.
  9. I'm up to 1850 commendation now. Still no boots.
  10. I'm using the expert boat and earned over 1000 commendation so far without anything. When can I expect my first pair of boots?
  11. Heavily implied by what? http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Bilrach [hide=quote] Bilrach did not attend to 18th Ritual of Rejuvination. This suggests that he is either dead, or much weaker due to not getting rejuvinated. If you speak to Ali the Wise after the Ritual of the Mahjarrat, he will discuss the strange power that occurred before Dungeoneering was released. He will confirm that the strange power was "A case of the wrong Mahjarrat being in the wrong place at the wrong time.." and that it was "Such a waste of power." In the quest Ritual of the Mahjarrat, when two other mahjarrat die, a similiar strange power occurs and lifts all humans present at the ritual. Ali the Wise also confirms this phenomenon, saying "When one of our kind dies, all that they were dissipates from their body." -end quote- So Bilrach finds what he's looking for in Daemonheim, but it is too powerful and it kills him (or he doesn't find it but something kills him anyway), this caused the strange power event and allowed us players to enter Daemonheim. [/hide] [/hide]But how powerful would Bilrach have to have been when he died for his death to be felt so far away? Do any of the seers say anything about feeling the ritual like what they did about the opening of daemonheim? And wasnt zaros's attempt to return to the world supposed to be kept quiet for now? So why did Azzandara start blasting away with god power and shouting zaros at the top of his lungs? Wouldn't that have tipped off the half dozen most powerful zammy followers and some of the stronger saradomin followers that something was up? [hide]Because when rejuvenated he could take on entire armies by himself, Azzanadra is easily the stronegest of them. See zemourgal's notes: they were scared to free him even after he was imprisoned for more than 4-5 rituals. With him at this power level Zaros' rebirth cannot be stopped. Btw since when can a mahjarrat die from a simple wound? I thought they were kinda, immortal? (except for the ritual)[/hide] [hide]I think it's safe to assume at this point that the dragonkin are not simply guardians of the Stone of Jas but something more. Their "rage" at its use, ability to sense who has used the stone, and track down its location (see Kethsi) suggests there is a strong, unique connection linking the two. Since we know the Stone is a powerful artifact that can give the user a number of abilities, it's not much of a stretch of the imagination that the dragonkin can call upon a vestige of that power and turn it against Lucien. Besides Azzanadra, who was suggested to be immortal when he was sealed up in his pyramid, none of the Majharrat have that ability. After all, one of them has to be sacrificed to die at each ritual.[/hide]
  12. Not really, but thanks anyways. I'll get the other pieces while I wait to see if something pops up.
  13. I joined that cc earlier and it had 5 other people. I also hopped to 158 but it was almost deserted as well. This is going to be a hassle if I have to play normal FoG, since apparently it's otherwise the easiest piece of armor to get. I wanted to get the top and bottom first... <_<
  14. I'm looking for a fast FoG cc. The ones that were recommended to me by friends or that I've heard about are mostly inactive now. If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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