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  1. Hmm I sadly don't really go onto these forums due to the lack of activity. I bet a lot of others are the same. Myself and others leaving due to inactivity just furthers increases the problem. If Runescape had maybe 100 people on at one time I'd probably quit playing the game from boredom. Not to mention tip.it is not really advertised out there to attract new players.
  2. Haven't posted in awhile but finished my three year long journey on the 8th of June.
  3. Future top 15 updates gonna be more slice of life now I'm guessing. Not much to report xp-wise haha.
  4. Meh... Kinda like that one promo that gave 1m xp in any skill/skills, which is 10 skills instant to 50. A lot of low level content getting skipped.
  5. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  6. Oh snap that is insane! I'd say it's bug abuse because of the animation. The boosts and action bar, I'd consider legitimate training method.
  7. A fellow tiffer has a faster method Ohh share? I heard claims of 20m xp/hr with strongarm + enlightenment but idk what they do personally.
  8. 5m Prayer xp/hr Lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z1UEPZPm5o
  9. I understand things like the tiers of annual subscription packages, which we could drop $99.99 for on RuneScape, but I hope we don't see anything like the Cybernite packages elsewhere anytime soon. Because, knowing how much some of my friends and clanmates love this game, they might pay for it. But I don't think most gamers can afford that, and those who can are either rich or not able to sustain that sort of purchase for long. It drains goodwill. Edit: I just want to add that I'm looking at Transformers Universe for precedents it might set for other games Jagex is working on, mainly RuneScape, really Well said. If I had the money and how much I enjoy Runescape. I'd probably buy some kinda package like that. I know I shouldn't, but meh.... I really hope Runescape never receives something outside of the gold membersip they have done the past two Decembers.
  10. Had 332 commendations leftover and got the new sword after playing a few games. Dual wield Korasi+Jessica looks awesome. However from the looks of it you'll need 1200 points for Superior void. 3 helms + body/legs/gloves The new portals need more effects to them. They look like static images.
  11. http://crystalmathlabs.com/tracker/rsvirtualhiscores.php?count=260 Eh that source has the same guy listed twice in the top 15 and is missing people who quit like Zarfot and such in the hiscores.
  12. So is the runescape hiscores top 15 the same as the most xp top 15? It was like that for a few months before divination. Elias is at 3.72 so I assume no-one else is hidden from the top page.
  13. Outside of this thread. Most of the tip.it community plays Runescape for the joy and don't grind the game. Tip.it has always been like that. You should have seen the whole efficiency debate that led to mass chaos and a lot of the tip.it community leaving and moving onto other forums about two or so years ago. A lot of Tip.it players aren't maxed and some of them are the most inefficient players you will find. However, don't get me wrong some players here are extremely efficient. But ye I find it offensive when you're calling fellow Tip.it players out for not enjoying the game and worrying about xp, when you couldn't be more wrong.
  14. Unless people start getting rolledback or banned it's one of the best methods for almost every non-cb skill out there for training. If I wasn't 99 in SC skills already, I'd be all over this seeing as Jagex doesn't seem to mind.
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