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  1. So finally got 94Mage today I wanted some input from you guys about you think I should do. I was thinking of getting my range up to 60 or so then do DT to start PKing I dunno though What would you guys do?
  2. This would only make things more difficult for bot writers for, as you said, a month or two... Then what after that? Rotating encrypted Item and object ID algorithms reconfigured by the server every 3 hours. This would break bots every 3 hours forcing the owners to update. Seeing that every major update in Runescape takes bots down for 10 hours - 3 days, this would drastically reduce the number of bots. I like how you think you know coding
  3. Stats below, Felony Jr 11HP 93Mage have about 9.2m or so on it suggestions?
  4. Hello all, I have a 39combatlevel 76mage account. It has 11hp and about 11m or so in gp. I am alching green d hide bodies at the moment since there is no limit but do you think I should be alching something else or even doing something else? Also what stats do you think I should go for to make this account good at staking? Thanks
  5. ok silly prawns was my main before i changed it back to normal... any more advice? :ohnoes: :ohnoes: :ohnoes: :ohnoes: :ohnoes: :ohnoes:
  6. No it was a different account! I lost my trail! Do i have to email Jagex now? I don't even know what their email is and if they'll even reply!
  7. Hey everyone I found it, it was Fookin_Prawns! Although I can't remember my PW, email, or if I had recovery questions! Thanks hahaha
  8. Was it after they did the you make an account the email will be used to login fluke? no im pretty sure it was before that, in fact very sure
  9. Hi, I changed my old pure's name a while back ago to "FOOKINPRAWNS" (It's in the highscores), but I can't remember the original username or email I used to register it with. What can I do...? EDIT: I see I have "Silly Prawns" as my username... I don't really remember if that was for my one account. I tried recovering the password for the account FOOKINPRAWNS and Silly Prawns but none of that worked.
  10. wow man i do not know how you know that but geez... thats not the account though
  11. But I do................... So it's totally NOT possible to recover this account?
  12. Tried, said that jagex cant give out that info... ERGGGGG I dont know what to do
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