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  1. Hey there, I'm not sure if this exists or not, but are there clans specifically for F2P members? If not, then I'd totally be fine with joining a clan that has a few other F2P members, so that I'm not alone in the boat of can't-go-on-epic-quests-and-stuff-ness. Um, really I want a clan with people who are ready to help me when I need it, but also they should be chatty and fun to be around. Advancing in skill levels is something they should do, not only combat. My user name is Jinx1594, same as my Tip.It user, so it's not too difficult, right? I'm currently level 46; I was 44 this morning... I can sometimes level up two or three times in a day, but there are certain times where I'm busy with school and other real life stuff and can't get on for a few days on end. I'd have to talk to him about this, but I have a brother who's a few levels below me. He's also F2P, but maybe... if he could join too? He's actually a little more active than I am, although he started a little later on. Love, Jinx.
  2. So busy these past few weeks. Finally getting RS time!

  3. To all the girls playing this site, did it ever happen that you were asked if you were "really a girl" or accused of pretending to be one to get attention? I'm 100% female in real life and my character on Runescape wears a skirt and has long hair, which means I get a lot of those questions or accusations, so much so that I just ignore it now and continue on with whatever it is I'm doing at the moment. Either that, or I'm asked out... creepy much? Anyway, I'm probably being over-dramatic, but it's still an interesting conversation topic, right? So, what's with the stereotype that girls can't play Runescape and what are some of your experiences in the game? Whether your a girl or not, go ahead and share!
  4. Thanks a lot, I'm glad I have that cleared up. =) *Gives cookies*
  5. Maybe that explains why I've been moving up so fast as far as skills. I spent quite a few hours yesterday working on my attack, strength and defense pretty much non-stop. So basically we'll always get more XP until Monday, just not as much as time progresses? Oh, well if it's for members, then I guess I worked harder than I thought last night. (=
  6. Okay so I'm back on the site, it's been two or three days, after almost two years' hiatus. I have no idea how the event that's happening this weekend, the XP multiplier? Well, I have no idea how it works. Does it double the usual XP awarded? Does it work like, the more time you spend online, the more you get?
  7. Working on my range skill.

  8. Hey there, I'm Jinx and I come from Canada. I used to be a member on Tip.It forever ago, but I took an extended Runescape Hiatus and now after roughly a year and a half, I'm back and kicking! In two days, I've gone from level 34, what I'd been upon leaving Runescape a year ago, to 40. I'm only a Free-play player and I've always wanted a Membership but it won't be happening for a while still. Um, I'm not part of a clan, but I'd like to be - one that won't mind my non-member-ness. Actually, it would be fun to be part of a clan made up of mostly free-players. That's besides the point though; I'm hoping to be sticking around for a period of time, I'm definitely back in the game and my schedule is a lot less hectic now than it used to be. <3
  9. Hello and thank you for considering me as a potential member. I'm at least once every day and I have been a member for quite some time now. I know the ropes to the game and I swear with a bit of help I can be a valuable member to your clan. I am not a Member, only playing freeform.
  10. I love this thread! :D People are always shocked when they learn I'm a member of RS, and a good one at that. Why, you may ask? I'm a female, and proud! I live in the middle of nowhere in a town of 900-ish people. I'm a 15 year-old teenager who would normally be shopping and looking at boys. :S Anyway, I'm a girl, and I play RS, big deal? It's fun and relaxing. You can actually learn a little from it too. Though, I tend to ignore all the stupid guys that come around, saying stuff like "Be my gf" or "girls on here all suck!" and all that. Also, I got many comments saying that I was a guy trying to scam people by pretending to be girly. Like, holy crap man! Anyway, hope this isn't to long or to much nonesense. I probably repeated half the things you guys said anyway.
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