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  1. Thanks TomcatLX and swedishboy5.
  2. Hi TheLeonardo, Many people are asking about the results. This is truly encouraging for me. People`s interest in my thesis pushes me to write more. My primary goal is to finish my thesis now. Thanks, Hi GaVaTi, Thanks for participating.
  3. Hi henryroo, This is a very good question. Most of the economic activities revolve around money, however, I immediately remember an example, barter, which is an economic activity but is not related to money. (barter=goods or services are directly exchanged for other goods and/or service) I don't want to give more examples, I just want all of the participants think the economy from as many perspectives as possible. Thanks,
  4. Thank you very much for everybody who participates to my survey.
  5. Hi all, I was thinking about the major game features or changes that affect RuneScape economy drastically. The couple of major changes I remember: :idea: -Grand Exchange: Changed the trading system radically. :idea: -Construction skill: Introduced the option of buying/improving a property. Any other big changes you can think of?
  6. Seriously, as if there is an unwritten rule somewhere :) But I started to believe that they are not that underrepresented, they are just, hiding :D, due to obvious reasons...
  7. I will definitely check GOP and CW as it seems everybody agree that there are more girls there. It has been a while since I actively play RuneScape. I was spending most of my time playing Oblivion and Morrowind, which by the way it would be great to see them online.
  8. Hmm, to be honest, when I start MMOGing, combat was not my favorite skill. I would rather solve quests and kill NPCs if I really need to. Then I realized that, no matter I try to be honest and noble, the game rewards killing more. I.e. in order to accumulate more money, you should kill a lot and you should be good at combat skills. Then I changed my focus. Now, I am spending my time 50% combat related activities and 50% quest related activities. Happier? I am not sure, Richer? Yes! Should I blame game developers for creating such game logic?
  9. It is just so sad to hear that. I believe that we should raise our voice more often without any restriction. GO GIRLS!
  10. Hi JuicyJuice So, you are not happy with the unnecessary attention. Understandable. So, do you disguise in male avatar/clothes as a solution?
  11. Hi all, I have been playing RuneScape for a while. From my personal experience, I saw that there are very few female players in all types of MMOGs including RuneScape. I am really curious why? They really don`t like MMOGs? or they are hiding under male clothes? Any opinions?
  12. Hi VARN Most of my questions are open-ended. I am very open to hear about both current information and history. Thanks,
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