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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking to go from 98-99 mining and I'm not sure if warbands is dead content, or.. How do I do it?
  2. Here are the skills & the levels that aren't yet 99 (hoping to 99 all before 2014) - Fishing 98 - Range 98 - Mining 98 - Slayer 93 - Agility 89 - Thieving 83 - Crafting 95 - RC 91 - Con 89 - Hunter 83 What are the best ways to max in each of these?
  3. Hey, guys. So i've got a ton of disposable income and I'd like to find the fastest ways (within reason, guys! No rune III ingots for me) for my non 99 skills: - Range 96 - Construction 82 - Crafting 89 - Smithing 88 - Fishing 96 - Farming 97 And these skills to my knowledge I'm aware are 100% not buyable, but if you have any tips where i can trade $$ for speed, please say so: - RC 90 - Agil 86 - Thieve 82 - Slayer 92 - Hunter 82 - Mininng 84 Thanks guys! Emphasis on the ranged too, that's the one i want next.
  4. Hey guys, come now. Rocktails seem to be a really nice AFK training method, thanks to those for suggesting. Now, to get 90 fishing......
  5. What are some fairly AFK ways to gain money through skilling?
  6. Gaffaz11

    A Few Q

    Thanks a ton guys, I've always thought it was a bit excessive to try & get a super high score when the amount of points really insignificantly increases over 20.
  7. Gaffaz11

    A Few Q

    For Fast SC w99, what's the overall use of the familiars? For Fish Flingers w89, what's the best method for obtaining all the medals? Sometimes I don't get them for some reason.
  8. Interesting..can you tell me more about the herblore habitat hunting?
  9. So I'm 73 hunter and it is by far my least favourite skill. I was wondering on the best experience possible from 73-80. I've heard butterflies are good, as are red chins. Also it'd be great if you guys could list any things that give bonuses to exp! Thanks
  10. I really like bonecrusher because it eliminates bones from being on the floor and leaves you to more easily see what was dropped.
  11. This is about as clean as it's gonna get without throwing out necessary items.
  12. That's true, but 92 herb is completely fine for me. I was thinking about getting turmoil once I had made money back from merchanting
  13. Will do! I've already bought all the gear I want and still have a heap left over. Merchanting it is!
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