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  1. I love the amount of people interested in this :D, its fine with me if you guys post your own bank pics for tips on organizing. I made a couple new tabs with your guys help and it looks very nice, when I finish i will post!
  2. Thank you to everybody, you guys have helped me alot!
  3. K thanks, il get to it tomorrow :D
  4. Well i got around to takin pics of mine, so if anyone can help!
  5. K il post it after i finish my slayer task, its not that great so dont judge D:
  6. If anyone has a really nice organized bank do you mind posting it below? I want to reorganize mine and I have alot of useless stuff and really don't know what to drop/how to catagoriize it Thanks
  7. Hey I have a lenovo v570 and I play games on it, and I downloaded saints row 3 and this game is giving me problems, it lags, and the graphics get messed up, im playing on the lowest settings. Anyone that can help? random spots on the game turn into white and black pixels
  8. Subway


    Wow thank you for all this! I'm going to do the quest for the medallion some time and go again, I went and forgot EEE so I just did like 5 chests and left xD. Was fun again
  9. Subway


    I have 2k extrama magic pots, from last year b4 i quit, and i think that'll last me forever o.o If i get some good loot il probably buy ahrims + vecna. Il post all progress later, waiting for a friend to come back cause we gonna go together so not so boring :D
  10. Subway


    Ah what a fail. I can barely afford ahrim fml rofl. Classic fail This is what i think im going to take, waiting for polypore to buy, might replace ahrims with something else
  11. Subway


    What should my gear be? Ahrim only? And bring lots of ppots to pray against rest?
  12. Subway


    Thanks, i just looked over that and the other barrows guide on the forums. I'm gonna give it a go later, probably polypore and melee :S
  13. Subway


    Hey I just got back into runescape not to long ago and was wondering If anyone can post a setup for barrows. Show me gear + invon. I don't know what to do for it anymore because prices have changed so much, i used to barrage barrows but now prices of barrows dropped so I might not make profit from that. Thanks, stats in sig
  14. Lol I was about to post and ask the same thing, I have 93 range and want to know how many chins I'd need for 99, with elite void, exts
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