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  1. Hello Tip it community, Lol quick question, anyone know exact price where war tortoise will refuse to carry an item? Im pretty sure its between 30-100k but would like to know the exact price, also im assuming its determining of worth depends on ge value and not High alch value?
  2. oh thats too bad, oh well, the boots that have range defence arnt worth using tbh, so i spose i wont try going for range defence ever
  3. thanks alot Quyneax, that was very helpful, are u sure boots like trixster can only be warn for minigames? The item description made it sound like only special effect works for the specific minigames
  4. Hello y'all, do any boots provide range defence bonus? Im trying to find a pair that does and having very tough time finding one. does anyone know? it seems very strange that boots hitting yur feet would result in same amount of damage if yur bootless or wearing some form of boots/feet equipment
  5. lol ill try coming never did mass dk trip, and know u wont get noted dag bones if doing coinshare/lootshare
  6. i hate the title of the article "killing off content" why cant u enjoy runespan for what it is liek the rest of us?
  7. lol i knew someone was going to write about how the runespan replaces the old runecrafting method, but this is an game that is constantly changing so deal with it. Im pretty sure we can see prices of runes highjacking up in coming months tbh
  8. ya like other guy said bring cannon, i personally wouldnt collect charms just collect the bones and sell for 7k each, i recomend piety and melle pray the whole time., there is a lodestone tele to portsarim so you can get there quick and easilly.
  9. true, i agree that cannon accuracy should not be a priority, but i think for a task like daganoths or aberrant spectres where you finish the task like in 10-20 mins due to cannon doing all the work, would be important to care about maxing your cannon accuracy as opposed to wearing normal slay attire, the cannon hits many while my weapon can only hit one, so might be better xp to care more about maxing out the cannon as opposed to me which is why i want to know.
  10. Hello Tip it, As manyof you must know, cannon accuracy is determined based on your ranged lvl, and your offensive bonus based on the current attack style you are using, keeping this in mind, what should be the absolute best set up i should wear when i am on a task where prettymuch the cannon does all the work, what set up would provide with the best cannon accuracy? Thanks y'all, will be happyto find out. Not 100% certain if range lvl has factor cannon dmg, let me know if you know answer.
  11. lol bit of advice DO NOT unlock aquanties! Dont make the same mistake as the rest of us did! btw dont block based on effigy rate, i got 4 effigies from lvl 72-89 slay!
  12. For blocking task Polypores(need to mage) waterfiends(need crush, but rather slow) , warped tortoises( annoying and bad) , aquanties(far from bank and bad xp) , ppl also dislike stryewyverns, spiritual mages in terms of pure xp, mith drags are prolly one of the slower xp but they are assigned in such low numbers so that its prolly fine to keep.
  13. lol i think youll be ableto use up the 250k double xp lamp even if play little :P Think about it, its only 250k anyways i dont really like updates involving free xp, hope theres some real updates for may as well
  14. you have permission to use my comments i Suppose i try to avoid skipping all task just because i plan to use all the slay points i have later,(when finally 99 slay) and keep switching it to dag kings for whenever i want to dag king hunting, so maintaining as much points is important for me, otherwise i would prolly consider the skipping of task more frequently since the the gain of xp prolly outweighs the loss of slay points. I think ill un ban terror dogs now btw just cus of yur comments I guess mith drags would be better if i had all those stuff u listed, Paul, but im working on it:p
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