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  1. Well I took my first trip and I ended up going with a god cloak for a prayer bonus, best I could get atm without wasting too much time, and I think i'll do horror from the deep before my next run for the prayer book. I did take renewals with me, but no tort for the first one, I wanted to get comfortable with being down there, but I believe on the next run ill bring tort! Thanks for the help guys =) -STL
  2. So i recently bought 16k chins (all i could afford atm) because i wanted a fast way to get my ranged up. My gear right now is All 3 arma pieces Ammy of Ranging Ranging Boots accumulator (will borrow archer ring) I don't have void =/ My inv will be something along the lines of 2 range flasks, antipoison +, gree gree, tele tab, 1 food, and the rest p flasks. If you all would kindly make any suggestions of what to change or any tips that might help me out that'd be awesome! Or if you know of a great guide!! Thanks, STL
  3. So I've recently been trying to complete a lot of quests, and I feel like a lot of them have me going to the digsite, therefore I decided to get a digsite pendant by trying to find a clean necklace from the varrock museum and learning how to make them... I spent like 1-2 hours last night trying to find this necklace, but still haven't. Any tips as to why I haven't been able to get one or what could speed it up?? EDIT: Scratch that, Lock this up please lol Thanks!
  4. Hey everyone!! So I finally hit 80 magic so I can use poly, and I know my stats aren't great but I enjoy going out every once in a while with my clan mates and having fun. So I was wondering since I cant use Gano yet and I don't have a large cash pile, what would be a good setup for me to go out with. Also, should I bring melee or range to go with the poly?? Right now i an using neit helm, glory, mystic top/bottom, dragon gloves, warrior ring, and dragon boots... Any advice is appreciated!! :thumbsup:
  5. Hey everyone! So I just recently got my bunyip and have used it on a couple tasks...... but I was curious if using a bunyip in a hellhound task would suffice with my 80 def lvl. Or if I should just protect pray or use guthans. I just don't want to be getting hit too often for my bunyip to really work well for me.... Thanks!
  6. Well darn... I was hoping it wouldn't be that terribly slow. But anyways, do gauntlets work while super heating? Or just using a furnace?
  7. I'm 62 mining... and I would really rather not buy the ores ATM
  8. Hey all! So I want to get 65 smithing, and I feel that smelting gold with gauntlets would be most efficient. (Do gauntlets work for super heating??) Well I decided I'll knock out some mining levels that I want instead of buying gold... So I was just wondering if anyone had a ballpark estimate on how many gold ore I'd be able to mine at my level. I don't have a D pick... might be able to borrow one, but not sure if anyone in my clan has one. Thanks!
  9. Hey guys! So I got Skeletal Wyverns for a task for the first time today, I want to do the task (57 of them) but I'm not sure if they're just too much for my low stats. I'm geared right now with: Slayer helm fury obsidian cape guthans chain guthans legs zerker ring rfd 9 gloves d boots whip elemental shield I have a few pray pots and some supers and some food in my inv.... if there are any changes I should make or if I should just plain not do them, let me know!
  10. Hey guys, a while ago I was browsing the forums, and came across a calculator that you plug in how many charms you have, and it will tell you what pouches to make in what order... If any of you awesome people could point me in the correct direction, It'd be greatly appreciated :thumbsup:
  11. Well I saw someone say it was fixed and is working now, but it's not loading the login page for me?? Anyone else still not able to get it? Edit: restarted comp, I'm good
  12. Hey All!!!!! :grin: So I just have a quick question....... At my hideously low range level, would ranging a black dragon task be pointless? If i could borrow arma, archer ring, etc... I have just been meleeing baby blacks just to get through the task quicker... Let me know your thoughts! Thanks! :thumbsup:
  13. I've had the same problem as you.... what I did was customize the games graphics settings by taking away a lot of the textures and scenery movements and what not which aren't important to me, and I'm not sure my exact FPS but it made a world of difference as now I can actually move smoothly through Edgeville and GE..... Hope that helps!!! :thumbsup:
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