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  1. i just got a fish mask and another 500k :D
  2. What is this? its a bag you put over your back
  3. how much xp does a large lamp give?
  4. i made this topic to see what peoples best rewards are in the squeal of fortune. this is because i just won 500k and i am a bit curious and excited to see if anyone else has got anything good. :) edit: add pictures if you have them!
  5. i recently got hacked by some goldfarmers :(. the good thing is that i had loads of cash from the farming :D
  6. is the answer to your riddle fog?

    1. Arceus


      Nope, the answer is money. Good guesses though everyone.

  7. i think it is awesome as i can remember him being on BGT. his rsn is :bumbleg. he wrote it on twitter
  8. it's so annoying because when i'm at green drags there are always 10 bots and the same a grotworms i always struggle to even get 1 kill. plus they are decreasing the price of all of the loots in the game. :@
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