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  1. Edit: Didn't see above post.. sorry.
  2. Yeah, it sucks... greeed :wall:
  3. You made that from code? or did you make it from a graphics.. if it's from code, teach me how to do it! I can only program java :|
  4. [hide=][/hide] That's not really an optical illusion. We learned something about it in physics (but I forgot), it has something to do with your eye absorbing the colors and getting worn out, thus you see red, white, blue when you look away
  5. For those of you that are taking AP Computer Science, you'll know what I'm talking about, otherwise you probably won't, but help is greatly appreciated. The installation guide can be found here: www.collegeboard.com/prod_downloads/stu ... _guide.pdf But I can't seem to figure out how to install it. (I run Ubuntu) I tried installing it via the command-line compiler, but every time I enter the command for it, I get 75 errors. I.. Need.. Help...
  6. I can only see the dancer going clockwise... she looks kinda freaky... :? Edit: If i just look at her foot, it seems like she's stuck moving 90 degrees one direction and then 90 degrees the other LOL #-o
  7. That's what I did back in the old wildy, pure def / pray = win :lol:
  8. Psst. They say stuff to you so you have to respond by typing and not pay attention to eating (if that makes any sense..) That's why you have to kill them before they can eat/run away
  9. Why are you fighting someone in full rune with fire bolt? You deserve to die if you do so... -.- I want snare for f2p.. noob runners -.-
  10. You can seriously do that...? :shock: I WANNA LEARNS :thumbup:
  11. Just so you know, the pink markers mean it's not confirmed... so it could be any random sickness.
  12. That's not a confirmed case... while I on the other hand, live 20 min away from 3 confirmed cases -.-
  13. Quickly! Cough on me so I don't have to go to TAKS testing! Hey! TAKS isn't bad at all... although I hope all the schools blow up :lol:
  14. Omg... We're all gonna die :ohnoes:
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