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  1. Zygimantas


    I do the same thing and I agree. I don't want to put a substance in my body if I am not aware of the dangers or effects.
  2. Zygimantas


    Anyone here ever tried DMT?
  3. Zygimantas


    LSD is hard to come by around were I live. You seem to live in an area with availability to a lot of drugs. :lol:
  4. Gratz :thumbsup: Now get some non-combat 99's :P
  5. Are you trying to somehow validate for yourself that having a relationship is not interesting/fun so you can justify not wanting to have one when you actually do?
  6. Ha, realized that yogosun is back and playing again :P
  7. Names don't matter. It's what outside that counts, not one's name! ;)
  8. Is this even a question? I could have a bonfire every night and still go to bed a happy and entertained man Living in an apartment with no backyard for nightly bonfires has limited my bonfire experience :P
  9. Your personality sounds like my girlfriend's :lol: And I agree with Range, try to see if you have a connection beyond just physically.
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