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    I do the same thing and I agree. I don't want to put a substance in my body if I am not aware of the dangers or effects.
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    Anyone here ever tried DMT?
  3. Zygimantas


    LSD is hard to come by around were I live. You seem to live in an area with availability to a lot of drugs. :lol:
  4. Gratz :thumbsup: Now get some non-combat 99's :P
  5. Yea I'm getting there :P
  6. Are you trying to somehow validate for yourself that having a relationship is not interesting/fun so you can justify not wanting to have one when you actually do?
  7. Ha, realized that yogosun is back and playing again :P
  8. Names don't matter. It's what outside that counts, not one's name! ;)
  9. Is this even a question? I could have a bonfire every night and still go to bed a happy and entertained man Living in an apartment with no backyard for nightly bonfires has limited my bonfire experience :P
  10. Your personality sounds like my girlfriend's :lol: And I agree with Range, try to see if you have a connection beyond just physically.
  11. She should understand why he didn't. Actually she doesn't seem very considerate of his feelings at all.
  12. She seems so annoying :wall: Don't be surprised if she begs for you back.
  13. Yea, I feel ya. Mine recently left for a 6 week trip to Mexico, and she is going to be at her family's farm with very limited communication :mellow:
  14. Haha you havn't really made any mistakes :P Just relax, your doing fine. I say get to know her/talk to her a bit more and then maybe ask her to hang out with you, without any other friends ;) You must be at least somewhat attractive :thumbup:
  15. I think during some research i did a month ago i saw that they changed it to Just about gaming experience, or something. I believe it is no longer Java gaming experts. I'm sorry i am unable to provide you with the link where i saw it, or in what context, as i have forgotten it since then and have visited many other websites but i'm fairly sure it doesnt stand for Java gaming experts anymore, as i remember it struck me immediatly when i noticed they had changed it, so i remembered it well. Yea, you were close. http://www.runescape.com/kbase/guid/jagex
  16. Blah, I could never do that. I'd feel awful. Unless it was one of those relationships where both of you know its all about the sex, but then again she would realize that from the start. Though, getting a girl attached to you and than using her like that... yea that's not me :P
  17. I'm illegal, I migrated here from Europe when I was 5 and I've grown up here in the U.S. Im going to finish my last few years of high school here and then see what I will do, because I know that I can get a good college education here, yet If laws don't change I wouldn't be able to use my education to get a good job here. I was really hoping for the dream act to pass so that I would be able to apply for citizenship without having to go back to my country for a number of years. But it didn't, and that's a shame...
  18. The senior prank at our school this year consisted of a group of seniors throwing flour and water on students by the cafeteria right before lunch. It was ok, except there was so much flour on the floor that they had to shutdown the main hallway until the janitors cleaned it up :P
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