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  1. hello! thanks for the reply! I will need to spend some time to understand all these new terms and new stuffs.(EoC combat o.O..??) just wondering, how are the rares now? are pHat's price still up in the air..? crackers...etc. is there new armors that can replace barros, GWD armors now? what do people wear in general now days..? Thanks :P
  2. Hello everyone on TipIt, how are you? I was a P2P player, but quitted in year 2011, sold items to gold and unsuscribed memerbship. Now I have about 250M in cash, and some common items (vials, axes, and rune armors...etc) Is now a good time a return to RS? is it as popular as before? or...has RS lost a lot of players already..? My Bank http://ppt.cc/XziY My Character Details http://ppt.cc/ZSY8 http://ppt.cc/59t0 Before I quitted RS, i liked to slay Abby Beast for whip, and just merchat in world 1 or 2. when new event or quests came out, I just go finish them. I liked to do GWD, too, but my computer was old and internet was lame, I didn't want to die and drop my stuffs... so I didn't do GWD a lot. Just wondering, what can I do in F2p now? I'd like to stay in F2p for sometime, so I can get used to all these new interfaces (having a lot of troubles now) while I am in F2p getting used to RS again, I might consider to become P2P again or not.. Thank you guys!
  3. he gets up like right after you pickpockets him.. how do you do it twice before he gets up? thanks... and also...sometimes he finds out and fights you.. :(
  4. I need 74 theiving for the new quest.. just wondering if Blackjacking menaphites is better or thevining pyramid..? I have tried both and i find the pyramid more clicking. the blackjacking is easier but only 100 exp per pickpockting. I just want to get this 2 lvs done.. please give me some advise... thank you..
  5. when i type "lady heinous" it says the clan chat channel doesn't exist... am i doing something wrong :S
  6. does anyone know if there is a tip it chat now? the old clan chat i join are all gone now.. thank you...
  7. thank you man... I'll keep them for a while i guess.. just like what you said Jagex uses old items which is a real pain.
  8. Hello guys! today i fianlly took the time to finish two quests.. I recieved a cosmic glove and a chaos boots during the quest. Should I keep them? or should i just drop them... thank you..
  9. Hey guys, I must first thank you all for coming to read my thread... After several months of "Just logging in to buy battle staffs and dig 1 ore for my kingdom" everyday, I decided to come to tip.it and ask for help. I have been playing RS since 2003, the first account i had was banned but is now retrieved.. the second account I play now is much strong and better in every aspect than the first one. however, after I got 99 slayer and 99 summon nearly 2 years ago, I stopped training and ... truly don't know what to do. of course I know there many more things for me to do if I want to. But I just don't have the intention to do them, considering the time I have to put in. The first reason is probably I have less time to play RS everyday now, the second reason is probably that I have found many other online games which are more attractive to me.. I sincerly ask for help here, what should I do with my account? I still have p2p valid until 30th of December this year. I have done all quests except the latest 2 quests.. I have 200m in cash and no idea in items.. I have thought about just dorppping everything and leave the game, but do I really want to do this? after all the times I put in and with all the memories I have... but I know I must go and I know this deep inside. if I keep the account, with everything, perhaps I can come back someday. or should I sell everything into CASH, and see what I can do with it? thank you for the reading and I wish everyone of you a best day! by the way, God bless Japan. Samcowcow (RS id: Thisisabook ) 12th.Mar.2011
  10. I have all the requirement to do "Do no evil" quest except the last one "Bring leela to ..." to somewhere i forgot the name :S can anyone tell me how to complete this requirement? the more specific the better.. thakns...
  11. I am doing this holloween event now.. i am stuck with the converstaion with the ghost guy does anyone know the right option to choose when talking to him? i keep talking to him like forever now... thanks..
  12. it worked!!!! thank you!!! but could you explain it to me??? I do not see any relation in this answer from the order of the weight... >.<
  13. I am doing this new quest.. and just found out that the order of the block is 3,5,4,2,6 ( 3 is lightest, 6 is heaviest) when I talk to the captain, and tell him crate 2 is actually block 3 crate 3 is actually 5 crate 4 is actually 4 crate 5 is actually 2 crate 6 is actually 6 he keeps saying Rethink it newbie what am i doing wrong...? thanks..
  14. Beasts of Burden do not help while smelting gold. I think he means to bring more ores so you can smelt more ores in one run..? is this correct?
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