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  1. Is farming ranarrs still good money? I used to do runs all the time but quit.. wondering if I should pick it back up.
  2. Blah blah I know it could use more detail but I'm bored of it for some reason... Preferably you need a kind of high post count... But if no one else wants it I guess it's first come first serve...
  3. Yes, I'm the only user and the admin of this computer. Edit, may have figured it out... Right clicked and ran browser as admin and it's taking a bit longer to load up so I think it's making the directory. Edit again, still didn't work.
  4. It just opens a browser and redirects me to the same page.
  5. I've done everything they say to do but it still won't load correctly. I've even tried it in IE so it's not because i'm using Aurora. Help?
  6. Meh, got to 450M and have banked 99 herb and pray now. Not cleaned if you ask me, but I think it's cute how people always say that about stakers. It's because it happens. I went from 100m to 1b in a day, then the very next day I lost it all. Made me quit rs, so it's not a bad thing lol...
  7. Happy birthday :D

  8. Sitting in my friends dorm room with nothing to do produced this... Don't think I've shown any of my drawings here before. Taken from my droid so sorry about quality. The tree on the computer is supposed to be like a cover lol. The apple is falling from the tree :unsure:
  9. How much is the lowest party hat currently worth? I somehow just noticed staking is a good money maker and I'm getting close I think.
  10. I'm guessing he's going for the look of the head as it is on the card. But since when are most toilets not up against a wall?
  11. Who would have guessed it was the world.. Thanks lol, that was the solution.
  12. Probably doesn't belong here, but it'll get seen the most here... Move if you agree mods. :unsure: This keeps popping up when I try to log in. I've restarted my computer, reloaded the page, disabled my fire wall... Everything.. Anyone know what to do?
  13. Eh, Just ignore this.... Restarted my computer and then it worked. :unsure:
  14. You could always search the RSOF, there's usually a view threads concerning masses.
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