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  1. Moved to the correct forum, where you'll get a decent response.
  2. Flamey replies removed. @topic author: amazing bank. 10/10
  3. For privacy reasons, we don't say why someone is no longer staff.
  4. He hasn't been cleaning recruitment topics. The reason it looks like he has is because of the bump button. Whenever a topic is bumped, the final reply (often Dbz's, with a message saying 'Cleaned') is turned into a recent reply, looking as if Dbz just posted.
  5. Please only post in this topic if you have some help to give to the author. Let's not turn this into a trial.
  6. Although this declaration wasn't made on TIF, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt: someone from TDM would've complained by now if it wasn't (plus, Ninane as present). Mori, 187; TDMWL, 50.
  7. Moved to Graveyard H&A: you'll get a better response here.
  8. A few nice kills, although the pic quality lets you down.
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