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  1. How long ago did this occur? If I was sent emails informing me of it I guess I'll have less reason to be angry but it being an old email account I accessed it maybe once a month.
  2. edit: title: "send an email to users" I haven't played runescape (or accessed these forums) in months upon months. I use a wide range of passwords on all of my online accounts and the only two that matched were my tip.it password and facebook password. Last night, after a day spent visiting a college, I was alerted that someone from the UK tried to access my facebook account. Minutes later, I was being harassed by a teenager from the UK on twitter, who told me to check my direct messages. Our exchange went on for hours and he told me his friend had put a RAT (remote access trojan) on my computer and that if I did not comply with his requests he would steal my parents banking information and completely take control of my computer. This struck me as odd since I haven't even downloaded a file in months, use noscript for browsing, and don't even torrent. But sure enough, he knew my facebook password, email address, IP address, and some contact information. I was legitimately intimidated (not knowing my tip.it pass was the same or that tip.it was hacked) so I shut off my computer, removed the ethernet cable, and changed all of my passwords from a different computer. His only request was that I send him my runescape password. I began to question him intensely and his story slowly began to fall apart and I realized this password was the only one he knew, although I had entered several over the past few days. He threatened to DDoS me but after a while it became apparent that his power was limited. I finally got him to send me evidence that made me breath a sigh of relief- he typed "noble_aloof ########@comcast.net" which made me then realize (because of the underscore and old email address) that tip.it was clearly breached at one time, and that is a very old email address only used by my myspace, facebook, and tipit accounts. These kids had access to what seemed like a username and password list from tip.it, or that one is publicly available somewhere. My problem is that its widely known that most people don't use a wide range of passwords online, and had I been more stupid (used one general password) and had these "hackers" used more common sense, they could have easily compromised more of my accounts if my passwords matched. Quite frankly if they didn't contact me on twitter I'd be pretty scared right now. I'm enraged that Tip.it could allow something like this to happen and not send emails or frequent urgent warnings to users telling them to change their passwords after a breach has been detected. I'm guessing this event happened months ago but the administrators of this site should be ashamed for not being more proactive about this issue, however long ago it may have occurred. I'm sure there was some type of alert on the forums but that does not help protect inactive users.
  3. Its such a powerful addiction for me that although I haven't played in months its still part of my thought process. Almost any game I play now (though sparingly) I'll compare to runescape and can never fully enjoy for what its worth. You might not think that playing 20, 30, 40, 50 hours a week is detrimental to your social life and well being, but as you watch weeks, months, years, even the entire extent of middle school or highschool pass, you'll realize what runescape has done. I could have been a great athlete in highschool like my father was, but I came into highschool frail and without passion and its only now in my senior year that I've worked my [wagon] off to be the top runner and captain of my team. I could have carried over my 97.- gpa from middle school to highschool but instead I played runescape (facebook deserves some blame for short periods of time) and have only recently brought up my high 87 average to a 90. During those lonely friday and saturday nights of my late middle school and early highschool career I always tried to justify my playing time with stupid generalities but it took me a very long time to realize what I was doing wrong (I did have some friends). Its only now in my senior year that I have a girlfriend and a great group of friends.. I spent two years of highschool rarely even hugging a girl. Some of you might think you're too socially awkward or nerdy to get girls, If your logging more time on runescape than you are in the gym, excercising, studying, working, playing an instrument, or just hanging out with friends, Runescape is the problem. I never realized what I was capable of in the real world until I stopped playing for good (which was at the beginning of last school year with at most 2 hours a month since then). I know you're just people on the internet, but the only time I've cried since adolescence is when i looked at myself in the gloss of my black computer screen and recognized how much of my youth I wasted on a video game. My skills aren't even that good after several years of playing and I believe i have around 150 days logged total. It crushed my creativity, socially handicapped me at my worst times, and wasted countless (24 *150) hours of my life. If i could go back and tell a 7th/8th grade version of me not to play, I think I would conclude to my young self that playing was one of the biggest regrets I have in my early life. I can't blame anybody but myself. It's a fun game, PvP and the few great people I met along the way always kept me coming back. For those of you who are maybe just starting to play a lot this summer or have logged much more time than me over the years, I can't stress enough playing reasonably and when you feel it taking over your life to simply stop playing.
  4. thank you for the fast response usually they are hard to come by.. I'm not going to open it up because my parents thinking i was going to blow up the house was the reason i wasn't allowed to build it myself in the first place. I don't understand why the back ports on the mobo wouldn't work. I'll have to call them as to parents orders
  5. I finally got a new computer it has 16gb ram and the new i7 sandybridge with an ASUS board. its an antec df-85 case or something similar. it was professionally put together This cost me a lot of money and i've begun to have problems with usb ports.. Only one front port worked from the start, it recognized my card reader but then stopped recognizing it. after i tested my card reader with my moms computer i thought perhaps the three year old reader was broken. then i began using a brand new 2gb memory stick for readboost and it worked fine for more than a day (Again in this one port). then due to a project from school i bought a new card reader, removed the stick, and the new card reader worked. now the brand new usb stick won't work at all in any port front or back. also upon startup it says no harddrive detected. help please
  6. When i saw this thread, deep down i hoped that the first (at least) 5 posts would be all mods saying completely ridiculous things, acting like idiots, and flaming. First time Tip.it mods have failed me. other than that keep up the good work :thumbup:
  7. really, what are your stats and cb? was vestas basically your edge in winning melee duels?
  8. I've played off and on for 4 years and there really only 2 or 3 good friends (aside from rl friends) who have been with me all the way. I wouldn't betray them but anyone else on my friends list? probably for a couple mil.
  9. yes. im still a little confused because it still says this is an invalid username
  10. rsof more helpful than tip.it??? Just learned they are doing work on it even though it lets me recover other accounts. thread closed unless anybody finds discussion value.
  11. I actually found valuable information on the last thread regarding this that i dug up, apparently there were 10 counts of account sharing on the account so it is probably locked. ill check back in a few minutes. edit: it still says that it isn't a valid account name.. I'm 100% sure these are the stats the account was left with when he recovered it and its not a desirable name and has never been changed. the original post was here if anybody is looking for a decent story: http://forum.tip.it/topic/269495-two-friends/page__st__20
  12. Hi the reason i'm posting this in general is because i posted a thread at least 6 months ago regarding how one of my neighborhood friends recovered one of his accounts that had been hacked and it turned out that the hacker had been playing on it for about 3 years without changing the recoveries or name. Basically this account was incredible and my friend after taking a 6ish month hiatus tried to recover the account (lets call it john111) but it says that it is not a valid username yet it appears in the highscores? could someone explain this or offer some troubleshooting options? I am posting on his behalf so i will not disclose the actual account name.
  13. First let me state that AFKing is still apparently against the rules. I think that shifting or inverting colors upon certain circumstances or turning the players view angle would be helpful. though i'm not knowledgeable enough to know.
  14. I found it a dull read and it seems to me that you are trying a bit too hard to get noticed on tip.it. I enjoy reading stuff like this even though it didn't teach me anything new. Macroing will forever be a hot topic but its just that far too many people are tired of hearing about it and you didn't really bring anything to the table here. The $500,000 USD estimate actually excited me about the java course i signed up for today :thumbsup: all jokes and uncertainty of actual sum aside, how many people on this forum would turn down even 100k a year if they knew how to write these scripts and clients? (to my knowledge scripting is considered one of the most advanced applications of the language) edit: the flaming is out of control and i actually feel out of place for putting legitimate thought into my comment. feel free to ignore my post in the raging flame war. edit edit: 99 hunting and fishing aren't exactly proving the fact that you don't bot
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