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  1. Exactly. We would have collaborated on it for a while before even thinking about publishing it as a guest article. Misfortune, you put yourself in a hole by posting this in the Gen. Discussions. We obviously won't be able to do anything with this now that you posted it. Also, when trying to use a lot of facts, or any facts for that matter, no sources=no credibility. I have every source and picture of conversations which I am not allowed to post.
  2. I leave this thread to you trollers and ranters who dont appreciate someones time. Just because you do not like the topic does not mean I dont? QQ more please!
  3. I read through the terms and what not and if they can not update there is no refund or any type of reimbursement given to the purchasers.
  4. Still, making way more money than most jobs by starting a macro company is pretty shocking. Especially if it's $500,000. :blink: After talking to another dev I found out more information(this was written 2 days after I joined). That specific bot is currently run by two people making $238,000 a year on average and increasing each month. If you choose to believe people who's key business is deception and lying basically, then sure, that figure is 100% accurate. It's not like they'd be grandstanding to make them look like a big shot :shock: I 100% believe them as my estimations based on users and botting programs sold(publicized information) match this almost exactly.
  5. Still, making way more money than most jobs by starting a macro company is pretty shocking. Especially if it's $500,000. :blink: Which isn't even a true number anyway, this does not take anything else into account other than revenue, it doesn't take into account the oppourtunity cost of the time it took to write the program, it doesn't take into account people who defect on their payments, it doesn't take into account any income tax at all, nor the potential losses if this person were to be sued or shut down, or hell, even dragged into jail for tax evasion. It's just a simple sum designed to get some shock value, when it's REALLY not accurate. Ah once again my research has countered this. The current bot was a source that started from previously shut down bots that took around 2 months to update and get in working condition. They new number I posted in my last post is including all taxes. Also according to the history of previous websites, Jagex gives them an opportunity to shut down BEFORE they take them to court and sue. THEREFORE, my information is correct.
  6. Still, making way more money than most jobs by starting a macro company is pretty shocking. Especially if it's $500,000. :blink: After talking to another dev I found out more information(this was written 2 days after I joined). That specific bot is currently run by two people making $238,000 a year on average and increasing each month.
  7. A bot is technically the same thing just using java instead of mouse keys. I was using Jagex terms.
  8. Considering you didnt' actually tell us what bot you use, uh, investigated, it's a bit hard for us to talk to that specific developer, no? I consider it pretty funny that just because I did a little research on the topic of botting you think I use them? Look at my stats, I have had my account since 2005, do not think I would have those stats if I used bots. Also I would release the names but it does not comply with Jagex or Tip.it rules.
  9. I would also like to know this but I squeezed as much information from the developers as I could. This also being another point. Please show me where all of you have talked to the devs of this bot.
  10. Q.Q I thought this forum would not be full of trolls and I would be able to get some useful feedback on such items. I realize the time I spent finding site errors and trying to help improve the community has gone to waste. Sorry all of you people have read this, I myself had fun writing it, therefore as previous stated, I dont care about others opinions if all I am going to here is criticism. Do not take me wrong by this as I always appreciate CONSTRUCTIVE criticism!
  11. Honestly the opinions of 12 year old kids do not interest me. All I care about is the fact that it is an interesting topic that I was not heavily informed about and wanted to research more. I have learned more and have had fun researching this topic meaning it was time very well spent.
  12. Already submitted via pm, will also post! Yeah, but its a "simple" yet very concluding observation.
  13. Tip.it Article, Macros Uncovered. Hello tip.it, I am Misfortune and I have spent many days researching and informing myself on RuneScape Marcroing Software. To start off this Article I would first off like to say that I, nor Tip.it use, or endorse the use of these macros. All Jagex rules apply and this was done for learning and experimental purposes only. During the researching I never used or downloaded any macroing programs. To gather this information, I visited different websites that I found through google and talked to users of these programs. I spent an ample amount of time viewing and talking on the websites and forums of these programs. When I first started browsing through certain forums my perspectives changed. Before I started this research I drew the conclusion that people using these programs must be plain stupid. This changed as I realized most people on these forums are very smart and intelligent humans. Macroing software is created using a Programming language called Java. If you do research on this language you will notice that it is very complex. After spending some time talking to people I decided that I needed to talk to the developers of these programs. To my surprise the developer of one of the biggest and most used macro is a 17 year old kid who started learning Java during computer science in the 10th grade. I asked him one specific question about his reasoning. This question was "Why create a program such as this to cheat on a game"? His reply surprised me and opened up a whole new topic for me to look into. He said and I quote "I do it for the money." At that our conversation was ended and I continued on my search to find information. From what this developer said, I decided to research more about what he meant and the black-market of RuneScape. I looked at some statistics for this bot and was surprised to see the truth behind his words. There are many different bots which are available for purchase starting at around 7-8 USD. Considering that there are 60,000 people who purchase AT LEAST one of these bots per year, this developer would be making close to 500,000 USD per year! That is 10 times what the average american citizen makes! This made me want to take my research one step further to examine the black market. Since the first few years of RuneScape's existence there has been groups of people who sell items or gold in game for money. These people use macro programs to collect massive amount of money and items in-game then sell it on the "black market". The Black Market is a group of people who run different websites and sell items, gold, and accounts for real money. These people are real-world trading which happens to be against the RuneScape rules. I was wondering what the point of selling items on this "Black Market" was. I QUICKLY found my answer. By using these macros, large sums of gold can be made very fast. People who do this are usually called Gold Farmers. There whole point is to sell RuneScape gold to players so they can get that party hat or bandos they wanted. Sadly, this is AGAINST THE RULES. That concludes my research on the black market so I continued with collecting information about these macro programs, this time from users themselves. I went around a found a normal user who has been using these programs for nearly a year. I asked several questions which I will share with you as well as the users response. I first asked " Why do you macro?" His reply was "I macro because RuneScape is time consuming and getting those 99's feels so good!" I was curious how something that you earn by cheating could feel good so I asked him, "Why not earn these 99's yourself so you can feel a sense of accomplishment?" His reply "I do earn them somewhat myself, I just use these programs while I am sleeping or at school when I do not have time for RuneScape." I was intrigued by how all of these people are so calm and proud of their accomplishments that they cheated to get. Thus I conclude my research by saying that these people use macros out of laziness and greediness. Thanks for reading, Misfortune
  14. Bots are inevitable. The soon Jagex realizes this and gets a team of player moderators or staff that were dedicated to finding and banning bots, you WILL NOT STOP them. I did TONS of research on this, after viewing 3 websites that sold or produced botting software, I realized the problem is much bigger than you think. From those 3 websites there are close to 2 MILLION players who have purchased or used a botting program. WE WILL NOT STOP THEM. The only way would be to take down each individual website producing these programs which legally could take YEARS.
  15. stats in pic. Getting 99 herblore when I have the money and working on 80 dungeoneering right now. What should I do for money?
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