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  1. Wow, I can't believe he's gaining this quickly. Anyone think he may end up being the first to all 200ms?
  2. The thing about Zarfot though was that he was efficient 95% of the time, Every time I've seen Foot he was multi-tasking and missing potential XP's. The point I'm making is just because someone makes a 5 min video of them being efficient does not mean they are necessarily efficient so please don't compare Zarfot to Foot, that's like comparing Led Zeppelin to Simple Plan...
  3. people are going to do what people do, why try to troll? I'm not even trolling, I genuinely feel sorry for them. I use to be addicted to runescape so I know what they're going through, trust me in 5-10 years most of these people will look back and wonder what the hell they were thinking, I wasted 320 days on this game and even that is depressing. This thread is just encouraging them even more, because you're giving them what they ultimately want. Unfortunately a lot of people in the world today could care less about others, thus they hate the "no life" posts and will deem them automatically as trolls.
  4. I lost all respect for sushi after he didn't get that daily record.
  5. What are you planning on doing in the real life mmorpg? :) He's been doing drugs with his friends since he quit RuneScape.
  6. 5 ft 5 120 lbs Went up 12 lbs in 3 weeks been lifting weights and eating healthier because I was tired of looking so scrawny.
  7. Why smoke crack few a few years and then try to quit I'd rather smoke crack than play RuneScape excessively for years
  8. I'm not a musician. You do know what indie means, right? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Independent_music Your post didn't have much of a point. Come back when you have an argument, and grow up. I'm not trying to offend anyone, if you like radio music listen to it, it's not my life.
  9. I know that but I always try to raise awareness to the people that aren't aware of how much better music there is out there and are tired of the crap the radio forces down your throat. I disagree entirely. Here I am! rock you like a hurricane... or I'm TNT I'm dynomite or that Ted Nugent song about stroking [kitty] cats and whatnot Narcissism knows no bounds of genre Well that's only three songs and their nowhere near as narcissistic as some of these songs you hear on the radio telling young kids about how much more money they have than them and how famous they are. These people on the radio are purely in it for the money, no love for music and if you believe otherwise, that's fine, enjoy your radio music. I'll stick to my indie music that still have some passion and aren't ego maniacs.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qjtVr_qNb7M Rap has the most narcissism in my opinion especially the mainstream crap. [bleep] pop is pretty bad at the moment with the likes of Kesha, Gaga, K Perry and all those others idiots. I think mainstream rock has the least amount of narcissism (compared to rap/pop) but alot of the songs I hear just sound whiny and that gets annoying quickly.
  11. iamsomebody1


    Well it's his life so I say let him do what he likes. It won't make him sick or anything.
  12. Yeah, I heard about this a month ago, I quit my job and I've been experimenting with various kinds of drugs to enjoy life while I'm still alive.
  13. The argument presented here defines well why I have so much top-40 pop music on my iPod. Easy to listen to, fun in the car with friends, and catchy. As for elitist music attitude/troll things going on here, I don't find any benefit in thinking my music tastes are superior to those of anyone else. As a matter of fact, I feel the same about my food tastes and clothing tastes; the combination of my opinions makes me myself, even if I have a lot of similarities with other people. We're all biologically very similar, and it's only natural that many of us would have similar tastes. We also like to fit in, which is why a lot of people follow mainstream tastes and pop culture. tl;dr second part: I listen to pop music, eat out at chain restaurants, and wear name brand clothes. That doesn't make me better or worse than anyone else IMO. I understand people are alot lazier today and not everyone has the attention span to listen to an 8 minute song. I don't have an elitist view, I just have a passion for music. Another thing that bothers me is when people think just because a song is popular it automatically means it must be good, and how some people have the nerve to have Eminem or 2pac in a top 5 rapper list, when they blatantly aren't giving anything else a spin. My brother is like you Fluffy I was making a playlist for him on itunes and he declined Floyd/Zeppelin but put The Fray on his ipod, and that's fine with me, his loss. I've been less caring about what people listen to now because it's a pointless cause, at the end of the day people are going to listen to what they want. I'll give you laziness, to an extent. It's all in ease of access, and people tend to turn to the many pop music radio stations. As for short attention span, it may be true, but again, it goes back to ease of access to shorter songs on mainstream stations. After you claim that your views aren't elitist, you say people have "nerve" for going with the mainstream artists, and then present an anecdote on how your brother rejected your music and it was his loss. Your music was mainstream at one point in time and still has a strong following to this day. Although your tastes aren't current mainstream, they're still far closer to mainstream than things other people listen to, and the longevity of the artists you listen to (the ones you just mentioned in the quoted post) proves them to be mainstream. If your previous posts in this thread were all ignored and only your most recent reply was considered, you'd have a chance at showing some credibility until the final paragraph, where you destroyed all credibility for yourself by essentially saying your opinion is right and others aren't entitled to their own opinions. Your attitude problem is the only "pointless cause" I see here. Well I'm sorry I have a greater appreciation of music than most people do apparently? Also, they became popular along time ago before the music industry took a complete 180 turn. Anyone still looking at charts to find the best music of today is sorely misguided. That is an antiquated system of measuring music that is no longer valid. Who honestly still buys cds? Probably only young kids who idolize random celebrities that caught their attention. That is why you see the likes of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga dominating the charts. The hip crowd that is plugged into the really good underground music scene (where the best stuff is) generally download all of their favorite albums. Also, I'm not saying music today is bad only majority of the radio/top charts. There is a lot of great music out there today... A LOT of great music. You just have to scratch beneath the surface a bit.
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